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School's Out For Summer

New Match pretends it serves a purpose as Kirsten and Julie meet with a woman who is not meeting the kind of guy she wants, even after seven different dates. This indicates that New Match has at least eight clients, which is ten more than I would have guessed. That's right: I thought New Match had negative two clients. That's how much it sucks. Pam demands a date with a man who will surprise her. She walks out as BULLET walks in holding a bouquet of flowers, but Pam and BULLET do not make a love match. Instead, he just remarks that Newport women are "well-preserved" and says something about his tight slacks that I don't want to investigate. I do like that he used the word "slacks" though. BULLET hands his "girlfriend" some flowers and says they'll be going off to dinner now, sans Kirsten as, BULLET says, "she don't look much like an eater." Oh, and Julie does? Kirsten is more than happy to be excused from this awkward social situation and leaves Julie to fend for herself. Julie tells BULLET that he repulses her and even if he didn't, she already has plans tonight: she has to go on a "major recruiting mission" to get dates for Pam. That should be an interesting night for Julie. BULLET still doesn't give up and is starting to venture into creepy stalker territory, so Julie threatens him with a stun gun she just happens to have handy, and the fact that she has one of those within arm's reach at all times is pretty awesome. BULLET wisely backs off, but still tells Julie to call him. Ugh.

Ryan and Taylor Townsend's date is going lamely. They watch some anime on the comic book store's flatscreen TV and eat popcorn. In a nice show of continuity, Taylor Townsend is still a fan of anime, saying she watches whatever movie they're watching every night. The decapitations help her relax, she says. This might be another reason why she only gets four hours of sleep a night. Ryan decides to try his luck and does The Move, pretending to yawn and then placing his arm around Taylor's shoulder. They look at each other and lean in to kiss and then... nothing. Ryan can't follow through. He apologizes and gets ready to leave. Taylor's pretty sure she didn't misread the signals this time and wants to know what Ryan's problem is. He says it's "too weird." He means that in a "it's not you, it's me" way, but Taylor assumes he's talking about her and leaves the store, all offended. I hope she locked up before she left, or else she'll be fired from the job she never had in the first place.

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