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The Summer Bummer

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School's Out For Summer

Summer hangs up on Seth as Julie comes outside, surprised to see the stepdaughter-that-never-was sleeping in her backyard. Summer says that Taylor's sleeping in her bedroom and there are apparently no other bedrooms in the entire MANSION, so she slept out there. Julie says she's here for Summer if she needs anything, which is very kind of her until you remember that Julie's living in Summer's dad's house and could be kicked out if she isn't nice to Summer. Julie also recommends that Summer go reclaim her bedroom from Taylor, as Taylor has "boundary issues." Nice understatement, Julie.

Riley has assembled everyone who's anyone at Harbor at the water polo bleachers because otherwise, they'd have to break out another set. It's time for the announcement of who's going to her party and who isn't. Who ARE these high schoolers? Why do they stand for this? Riley calls a few excited girls forward to claim their invitations and then a HUGE cloud of smoke wafts from behind the wall next to the bleachers. It's Kaitlin, smoking the hell out of some weed. Seriously, that was like a house fire's worth of smoke she blew out there. And no one in the bleachers seemed to see or smell it. I'm becoming more and more convinced that they're all robots made by Riley to feed her ego. Question: how come Kaitlin smokes weed all the time but never seems stoned? I'd love it if her only purpose on the show was to just walk around the show giggling at various storylines and characters. Riley finishes handing out the invitations, and Olivia and Lea are shocked not to be included. Riley says they ruined the envelopes with their saliva, so, no invites for them. At this, Kaitlin steps forward and invites Olivia and Lea, as well as anyone else who didn't get to go to Riley's party, to her own house party. Riley says that her party will feature sushi and Danity Kane. "Sushi is high in mercury, and Danity Kane sucks," Kaitlin says. I've never heard Danity Kane, but I'll take Kaitlin's word for it. I wonder if Danity Kane rejected an offer from The O.C. to earn such scorn. Kailtin says her party will feature five kegs, a quarter ounce of weed, and no parents, thereby making it five hundred percent more appealing than Riley's. She tells the crowd to invite anyone they want and says no one has to dress up like a pimp or a ho. I hope no one invites any actual pimps, or they're going to be very embarrassed! Olivia and Lea thank Kaitlin for the invite while Kaitlin tries to figure out how to get rid of Julie and obtain five kegs by tonight. Shockingly, this is not followed by a montage of her handing out party invites over a Toad the Wet Sprocket song. Another missed opportunity, The O.C..

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