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The Honeymoon Is Over

Marissa enters the pool house, wearing a blue dress that matches Ryan's blue shirt. The blue is spreading from the men to the women. Ryan explains that he's hiding, and then announces that Theresa went back home to have the baby. Marissa asks whether Theresa and Eddie made up. Who wants an abusive couple to "make up"? I swear Marissa is making us try to hate her. When Ryan doesn't answer, she draws an alternate conclusion: that Theresa is having the baby alone. When Ryan still doesn't answer, Marissa pouts her response. Ryan can't actually be picking a helpless, unborn baby over a near-grown woman with a family, plenty of financial resources, and really, really long legs, can he? I mean, a baby's legs are only like nine inches long!

We join the rehearsal dinner meal, where Caleb toasts Kirsten for hosting the dinner. As if she had a choice. He goes on about how tomorrow is important, and what a great joy it is to watch his family grow after being through so much together; tomorrow, he declares, the Nichols, Cohens, and Coopers become one family. "Atwood" is conspicuously absent from that list. As various characters make eye contact with each other through Caleb's speech, Seth sits all hunched over and weird at the table. He might be his cutest at his weirdest. Caleb adds that he feels "very lucky to be at the head of that family," which elicits an eyebrow lift from Sandy. As Caleb finally wraps it up and they all clink glasses, Ryan leaves the table and heads inside, where he paces around looking angst-y. Well, he almost always looks angst-y, but this time we understand that it's specialized angst as opposed to standard angst. Marissa tromps in behind him, followed by Seth and Summer, all wanting to know if he's okay. He just wants to get out of there!

We cut to the foursome walking down the beach. Seth points out that it was on this very stretch of beach that they first got their asses kicked by the water polo team. He stoops to collect some sand, and then declares that it "definitely tastes the same." Hee. Marissa asks when that was, and the boys explains that it was after the fashion show when Ryan first arrived at Holly's beach house party. Summer skeptically asks whether they were actually at that party, and Seth groans that "those were the days." As Seth and Summer snuggle, Marissa and Ryan are noticeably apart. She asks if he's okay, and he struggles through announcing that he's been thinking he needs to go back to Chino, because Theresa can't do it by herself. This leaves the group understandably bereft of further witty banter.

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