Time of Your Life
The Time The Millennium Approached

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The Time The Millennium Approached

Down at the bar, Sarah tells a demanding customer that if he wants a drink so badly that he can't wait, then he shouldn't be in the bar, he should be in a meeting. And they fired Joss? Oh, right, the Dinner Factor. Another co-worker asks, "In a mood?" To which Sarah snaps, "No!" What -- is poor widdle Sarah annoyed that someone else stole a march on her and was sleeping with Scraggle before she even knew him? Joss walks in and calls out, "Yo, Mike!" Mike, a.k.a. Boss-Man, asks her if he didn't hear him; she doesn't work there anymore. Joss tells him she heard just fine, and she is there to pick up her check. Mike tells her that she'll have to wait, because the computer is down and she'll have to check back after the first. Joss is understandably enraged and says she needs the money now. Mike shrugs and walks away. Sarah, always one to avail herself of really bad timing, walks up to Joss and says, "Hey, can I talk to you for a sec?" Joss looks at her as though she were an irritating bug she'd like to squash -- oh, sorry, I am projecting again. Joss just gives her a blank look: "What?" Sarah asks, "I need to ask you something. Are you and Maguire -- I got the impression this morning -- are you and Maguire sleeping together?" What a selfish, nosy little simp! She doesn't care that Joss has just lost her job and perhaps has more important things on her mind than placating Sarah's bruised ego. This time Joss does give her a look like she's an irritating bug she'd like to squash and asks, "How is that any of your business?" My sentiments exactly. Sarah looks down and says, "You are." Joss says, "That's right, every once in awhile when the mood hits, we sleep together. Something you want to say about that?" Sarah stutters and asks, "Are you in love with each other?" Joss gives her a pitying look and laughs humorlessly, "You've gotta be kidding. No, Sarah, we are not in love with each other." Joss leaves Sarah stunned and walks away, saying to Mike on her way out that he'd better have her check by January 2nd.

Inside a café, we hear a woman say, "I hope you don't mind me tracking you down like this." J.B.'s voice says, "What, you mean having coffee?" They both step out of the café, and we see it's Claustra Phobia from the salon, who has predictably tracked him down. Claustra babbles something about crossing paths with thousands of people a day, and how if one of them strikes you as being "kind and funny and really attractive," you can't just hope that you will bump into them, can you? J.B. agrees and says, "No, you gotta make your move." Claustra says, "Right. Anyway, after that, you have plenty of time to figure out why you are totally incompatible. What are you doing for New Year's?" J.B. says, "Nothing." Okay, so he waslying about that "really, really, cool" new club he told Platypus about. Claustra says, "I am going to this event, this party. It's called 'Once in a Thousand.' Have you heard of it?" J.B. says he thinks he has -- yeah, I think he hasn't. Claustra says, "It's supposed to be the party of the century." If it's supposed to be the party of the century, why isn't it called "Once in a Hundred?" I loathe all these stupid millennial inconsistencies almost as much as I loathe this pathetic show -- and that's saying something! J.B. asks, incredulously, if she really wants to take him, and she answers flirtatiously, "Hmmm -- do you know someone better for me?"

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Time of Your Life




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