Time of Your Life
The Time The Millennium Approached

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The Time The Millennium Approached

Jessica and Scraggle are having an intimate drink at a bar. Scraggle is attempting to explain his feelings and why he came looking for her after he promised not to: "I don't know if it's the pressure of this night or what -- it's just been weird." Jessica asks him what's been weird, and Scraggle tells her that he got robbed and that his guitar got stolen. Jessica expresses sympathy. "It kind of felt like I lost you twice," Scraggle says meaningfully. Jessica smiles and says she remembers when she bought the guitar. Scraggle asks if she passed the bar exam, and Jessica says, "I did, thank you. First try. So, are you anything?" Rude. Scraggle tells her that he runs a used record store: "Yeah, I keep trying to move forward in my life. Backwards just feels like forwards and forwards feels like no place at all." Jessica laughs and asks him what he is talking about. That's what I'd like to know. Scraggle laughs with her and asks if she ever thinks of him. Jessica says she does, and Scraggle tells her that he's been totally clean since they broke up. "That's good," she says, "I'm glad." Scraggle makes a move to say that they should get back together. Jessica keeps trying to stop him from saying it, but he only stops when he takes her hand and sees a ring and wedding band. "Whoa," he says. Jessica tells him that his name is Paul Wyatt, he's a doctor, she met him four months after they broke up, and she married him in April. Jessica tells him she can't be the answer for him; it's time for him to get on with his life. We find out that Scraggle's first name is John.

Back at Archer's well-appointed apartment, Sarah is gazing mournfully out the window, listening to the cars honk in the street. Peter, the ancient manservant, asks her what all the "hullabaloo" is about. Sarah tells him, "Well, it's a pretty big night." Peter agrees, "Oh, so it is," and puts down a tray of food. He comments that she and Mr. Fitzwith get along rather well and asks Sarah to remind him what their connection is to one another. Sarah says, "Oh, sort of not my father." Peter says, "Oh, that explains it. I always got on better with people who weren't my father as well. Do you want to play cards, Miss?" Sarah tells him she'd rather not and says she'd rather talk to him, since his own life has so much history in it. Someone who can teach her, someone who is wise. Okay, I can't stand it anymore. Aromatherapy be damned, I need a stiff drink. Peter nods and asks, "Whose deal is it?" Sarah reminds him that they aren't playing cards and asks him to tell her about the past and what it feels like to live almost a whole century. Peter says he doesn't remember any of that, and the clock chimes. "Oh, is that really the hour?" he asks, getting up, "it's long past my bedtime. Well, Miss, this has been most pleasant." Sarah asks if he is going to bed, and when he says yes, she whines, "But it's the millennium." "Oh, that's right. Well, there'll be another one," he says and leaves Sarah alone. If I were stuck with her for a night, I would pretend to be a bit dotty, too.

From her vantage point, Platypus sees J.B. getting picked up by his New Year's date. "There's a Star Trek marathon that starts at eleven, Romy. Romy?" Joss calls from the next room.

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Time of Your Life




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