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The Time They Had Not

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The Time They Had Not

Platypus and JB are in JB's apartment, preparing Chinese take-out on plates. Platypus seems a little distracted. Apparently she can't get past the idea of Joan and JB's relationship: "I mean, she's gotta be what? Forty?" JB asks her not to "do this" and says again that he and JOan are just friends and Joan is trying to help him get a job. Platypus then launches into the third degree about all the expensive presents Joan bought JB. JB says it's not how it sounds; they were only presents. Platypus then says, "Is that why you work there? You're a young, sexy guy and there are all these rich women, like this Joan person, who can buy you expensive things like suits or watches or VCRs, and I'm guessing they're not doing it out of the kindness of their hearts, so it must be for the sex, right?" JB insists that he and Joan had a relationship. Platypus says she doesn't know how to deal with this, and JB says there's nothing to deal with, and that it wasn't like they didn't care about each other, because they did. Platypus, getting more and more hysterical and her lips getting more and more puffy, says, "But getting stuff was part of it, which means that you are the kind of person to use sex to -- it's horrible!" Platypus says she doesn't think she can see JB anymore and leaves. Question: Just how hypocritical can someone be? Cast your memory back to the second episode of the season (that is, if you can bear to) when Platypus suggests that Sarah sleep with Spencer in order to get a bonus. I'm guessing that when it's her pathetic sex life that's in question, Platypus has the right to act like Pope Pius IV.

Sarah is attempting to return the coat that Audrey gave her and acting really argumentative about it. The clerk tells her that she can't get a refund without a receipt, and that all Sarah can get is store credit, so she should just look around and see if there is anything else in the store that she likes. ["And I might add that returning a gift to get the cash is just about the worst manners on earth." -- Sars]

Joss and Casey are hanging out in Joss' apartment; Joss asks, "Does she know you are visiting the enemy?" Casey tells her she isn't the enemy, and Joss says that Casey had better keep the kid away from Joss's bad influences or he might turn out responsible. Casey says that that's part of her plan, and then tells her that she found out the baby is a girl, and that she is naming her after Joss and wants Joss to be the baby's godmother. Joss says, "Oh, do you think Mom will have an opinion or twelve about that?" Casey tells her that their mother isn't allowed to have an opinion and that it wouldn't be too horrible if the baby turned out like Joss. They admire the ultrasound together.

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