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The Time They Had Not

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The Time They Had Not

"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" plays in the background.

JB comes up to Platypus at a restaurant where she seems to be working and tells her that it's time for him to do the talking and her to do the listening. He tells her they come from different backgrounds and were raised differently: "My dad busted his butt everyday and we had nothing." Platypus interrupts, "I get that, but now we are the same, now we both have nothing!" JB says, "But you have nothing by choice." "I'm struggling," Platypus says dramatically. JB says it's not really struggling, because if something goes wrong she can just pick up the phone, and he can't do that. Platypus asks, "And that's your excuse?" JB says he doesn't need an excuse because he learned you have to make connections wherever you find them: "So, yeah, I found somebody I really liked who was willing to give me a hand. If you want to think that's something horrible, go ahead," and leaves. Platypus' lips puff out as she feels sorry for herself.

Platypus goes to the bar and asks Sarah for some water. Sarah, who is wearing a ridiculous Santa Claus kerchief on her head, tells her that she was trying to figure out some way to get more money out of her two jobs in order to help Cecilia. Platypus asks rudely, "Why would you do that?" Sarah says she doesn't know, but she feels like she should do something: "I mean, I even tried to take back my brand new coat to give her money. But that's stupid, right? I mean, I feel bad for her, but I don't like her." Platypus says, "Nobody should give anyone anything." Well, hello, Christmas Spirit! Sarah continues on as though she didn't hear what Platypus said -- and let's face it, these two never have a conversation where the one listens to the other: "I mean, I could work my whole life, sell everything I own, give Cecilia every single dime, and be left with absolutely nothing, but there would still be a million Cecilias. All of these people out there who need some kind of help -- what is my obligation?" That's right, talk yourself out of your guilt. Platypus, head in hands, tells her it's not her responsibility. Sarah goes on, "So, what? Am I supposed to feel guilty because, ohh, I really love my new coat? Or because I want things?" Platypus moans, "It depends what you're willing to do to get them." Sarah looks at her and says harshly, "What?" Platypus tells her, "Nothing, just happy freakin' holidays." They toast each other with water.

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