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Adriana Louise, the waitress "working hard to show America her full potential" from Team Christina, chose a Carrie Underwood song. Christina thinks it will be fun to see Adriana play up to a "fun, sassy character" with "Good Girl." Are the coaches just done coaching then? Since it's basically out of their hands?

Like last week, Adriana strikes me as slightly out of control. There are some good moments, though, particularly when Adriana got into Adam's personal space, which he just said he doesn't like. Cee Lo thinks it was good, Adam likes that he has an opportunity to make it all about him, and Blake likes that Adriana chose a country song because he has heard a lot of those. Christina complimented Adriana and reminds us all how hard these songs actually are to sing well. That is fair.

Cody Belew received Cee Lo's save last week, and this week he's singing "The Best" by Tina Turner. I like Cody, who used to have a stutter. This song choice isn't the most thrilling or relevant for a lot of the Voice crowd, but it's good enough on Cody.

"It's so much fun to watch you," Carson tells Cody after his performance, then puts a hand lightly on his shoulder, before quickly removing it in an act that screams "no homo." Way to play it cool, Cars. The coaches found it entertaining, even though Christina would like to see more "bopping around." Cee Lo compliments the content of Cody's character, which is better than saying anything about the performance.

Up next, we get a treat of a performance from Amanda Brown of Team Adam. She has really risen to the top, and this time she chose "Spectrum" by Florence + the Machine. Adam gave her some legitimate advice, which has bumped him up to a higher regard than Blake at this point.

It's hard to sing Florence when you're not Florence, but I think Amanda Brown will make it through this round because we believe in her merit. Also, she is stunning. Blake got excited because there was a little bit of country in her voice, Christina wants to connect more with who Amanda is as an artist. Cee Lo calls Amanda his favorite mistake, but found the performance a bit constricting. Adam admits there are mistakes, but loves Amanda just the same.

The next contestant is Bryan Keith, of Team Adam. Bryan's goal is to "bring back an older feel to rock music." Like '90s old? He chose "Back to Black" by Amy Winehouse this week, which I think is a great choice for someone who wants to be known for wearing fedoras. I think Bryan sounded better in the rehearsals than in this performance. Maybe I'm just not a huge fan of the gravel in his voice all the time. I'm just a bit bored. Blake and Christina think Bryan just took the lead for Team Adam, though.

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