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To slow down the momentum of the show, we check in with Christina Milian yet again. Unsolicited, Cody Belew compares the group in the skybox to Bob Barker's Beauties, which perhaps earned him more of my votes than any performance could have.

The perplexing Cassadee Pope is up next, singing "Behind These Hazel Eyes" by Kelly Clarkson. Another turd of a song choice. Blake's hair is looking super grey in these rehearsals. Cassadee stands in front of the audience, barely playing a leopard print electric guitar. Is it obvious I don't like her? Good. She hit her high note, but not many of the low ones. I also worried about her hitting someone in the audience with her guitar once she slung it over her back. It was obviously never even plugged in.

Blake, stupidly, gives it a standing ovation. Christina brings it back down to earth with "this was actually my favorite performance from you so far." Cee Lo likes the guitar, and Adam thanks Cassadee for showing a bit more sincerity with "the dad stuff." I don't even care to mention what her coach, Blake, said, because the things he says are so wrong and out of touch.

You know who Trevin Hunte loves? Michael Bolton. I, too, love the Bolton, and am delighted that Trevin chose "When a Man Loves a Woman" for this week's song. Trevin just can't disappoint, I feel. Trevin has, perhaps, never love-loved a woman, but he's singing this one for his mom.

Trevin always delivers a clean performance, and he always really feels the lyrics he's singing, more than so many other artists on this show. The performance is, of course, stellar. The coaches love Trevin, but I wonder if he is able to be a relevant modern artist, or if he's going to end up with a single like "I Believe in Life" or whatever that crap Jermaine was singing last week.

Now things are getting good, and it's time for Melanie Martinez. Melanie chose "Cough Syrup" to sing this week. She sits criss-cross applesauce, further ensconcing the mystery of her true age in shadow. Melanie sings very emotionally, and convincingly, and I think this will endear her more to the audience. Blake liked it, Christina has shut down and ceased to care. Adam praises Melanie's individuality, only briefly interrupted by someone braying in the audience.

Yay, Nicholas David! Even better, he's singing "Power of Love" by Huey Lewis. I'm already obsessed with this performance. In rehearsal, Cee Lo advises Nicholas to be in "star mode" and play it a bit more pop and straight to have a wider appeal. I'm bummed he's not playing his piano, but whatever. This is a better up-tempo song for Nicholas than last week.

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