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Cheaper by the Dozen

Adam calls Nicholas "strange and beautiful," then expresses his love for the song. Cee Lo tells Nicholas, and all of us, that there is no greater success than the realization of self. I need Cee Lo to be my life coach.

Sylvia Yacoub of Team Christina chose "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion. Really? The Titanic song that no one wants you to choose when you sing karaoke? Christina suggests that Sylvia "make it more, like, Beyonce-ish?"

So is everyone doing that dip-dye hair thing now? Cassadee had it, Michaela had it, and now Sylvia has it. They all just had a dip-dye party at Christina's house. Sorry, Christina Milian, you're not allowed.

Sylvia does a great job, only getting nervous on a couple notes. Her commitment to the song is not as good as the singing. Her eyes are a bit shifty, and you could tell she was nervous at times. Adam tells Sylvia that "considering the circumstances" she did a good job. It's a big song, they all say, and there's little anyone can do about that.

Last and finally, it's Terry McDermott of Team Blake (more like Team Whatever, right guys?). We don't really know Terry that well, because of the language barrier. Also, he's so incredibly unassuming. This week, Terry is singing "More Than a Feeling," and he'll get no help from Blake, who tells him to rock.

The good thing about Terry, is that he doesn't need a coach. This will be to his advantage on Team Blake. He knows exactly what kind of artist he wants to be, and he will continue to execute. At some of the high notes at the end, Terry was irretrievably flat. It was not the best performance of the night, but was any performance really the best? And does anyone really care which two performers go home?

Cee Lo likes Terry's voice and his haircut, Adam doesn't think we realize how good Terry is. Blake is just lucky to have Terry on his team. This season, The Voice is really making an effort to chart on iTunes. I find that annoying and smarmy, buying our votes. This makes song choice even more important than it should be, in the competition that touts itself as being "all about the voice."

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