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The Truth, Part I

"Mulder, we'll get you the best lawyer," Scully promises. "I've got a call in to Jackie Chiles." Mulder just smiles at her. "To defend a man who believe in aliens against the FBI and the military? It's never going to happen," he says, shaking his head. Skinner can defend him. Hearing this news, Skinner looks at Mulder like he just sprouted an extra ear in the middle of his forehead. Mulder explains that Skinner knows all the details of the case, and, besides, Mulder trusts him. "Trust no one," Skinner says, ripping off his face to reveal, underneath, the bones of CSM! Not really. Instead, he just stares at Mulder blankly and makes a mental note to dig up those tapes of L.A. Law that Doggett's got up in the attic. Scully makes some noise about Mulder being, you know, incredibly dumb about this, but he just smiles at her and promises that he knows what he's doing. Before she can smack some sense into him, the cell door swings open to reveal Moronica and Doggett. "Whoo, now it's a party!" Mulder says. "Agent Muuuuldah," Doggett drawls. Scully immediately asks what's wrong. "Nothing," Moronica says. "Other than the fact that your boyfriend's probably going to be put to death at the end of the next couple of days. We just felt left out, since you guys get to do all the making out and stuff." Actually, Doggett tells them that he and Moronica heard that Noel Roaooaoaoaor's body just turned up. David Duchovny makes a face like he can't remember his next line.

7:12 AM. Mulder sleeps on the floor of his cell. Scully creeps inside and kneels next to him, patting his leg to wake him up. "Mulder, it's me," she says. For the last time. "Is it time to go?" he asks. "That's why I'm here," she says sadly. Mulder rolls stiffly into a sitting position. "Mulder, I need you to talk to me. Confide in me. Or we'll lose," she tells him. "We can't win, Scully," Mulder tells her quietly. "We can only hope to go down fighting." Scully looks at the floor, and tells him haltingly that he's scaring her. "Mulder, I'm so scared that I just got you back and now I'm going to lose you again," she sniffs. Mulder just looks at her. "I know what I'm doing," he says. Scully blinks tearfully. "Well, whatever you're doing, you have no idea how much has already been lost," she says, cocking the Eyebrow of Great Pain. "What I've had to do," she snuffles. "I do know. Skinner told me," Mulder says. Skinner? Told him about William? Off-screen? Yet another stellar dramatic choice from 1013 Productions! Because a scene where Scully tells Mulder that she was forced to give their NotAlienNotMiracleBaby up for adoption would be far too interesting and moving and dramatic, and would take up valuable time away from the Exposition of Stuff We Already Know. Scully nods, biting her lip to keep from sobbing out loud: "Our son, Mulder. I gave him up. Our son." She sobs. He pulls her into his arms. "I was so afraid you could never forgive me," she sobs into his shoulder. "I know you had no choice," he tells her. She closes her eyes. "I just missed both of you so much," he mutters into her hair. "God, where have you been? Where have you been hiding?" Scully asks. "The crowd at Target was murder," he tells her. Actually he was in New Mexico. "Doing what?" Scully asks. "Adgfndb dsjskgt wyelsa," Mulder mumbles into her neck. The closed captioning translates this to "looking for the truth." Scully snorts a chuckle at this completely unsurprising revelation. Mulder, too. She kisses the back of his head. "You found something, didn't you?" she asks. He pulls away, the better to gaze at her dreamily. "What did you find?" Scully asks. He opens his mouth, but no words come out. "I can't tell you," he finally says. "You found something at that facility?" Scully asks. "That's what you were doing, right? Mulder, what did you find there?" Mulder looks right at her. "Scully, I can't tell you," he says. "Mulder, that doesn't make sense!" she hisses, tearfully. "You've got to trust me, Scully," he tells her. "I know things it's better you don't." She just stares at him.

Cut to an empty, sunless room that's been set up as an impromptu courtroom. Skinner walks in to the tune of the theme song, set in a minor key. He looks around the room helplessly before putting his briefcase on a table. "Assistant Director Skinner?" calls a younger man, just behind him. "I'm Special Agent [Gobbledygook]." But I know him as Dale Edson, Carter's smarmy surgical nemesis from ER. So let's just call him Dale. Dale's acting as prosecutor. He used to be a Federal Prosecutor in D.C. before joining the FBI, he says. He goes and sits on his side of the room. Skinner takes his own seat and looks perplexed by the turn of events that lead to his being here in this bizarre capacity.

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