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The Truth, Part II

Kersh's door flies open. It's TCM. "I need to see the Deputy Director," Skinner says, thrown by this development. "And he needs to see you," TCM says. The Ominous Music of Dude, Skinner, You Are Screwed swells in the background. Skinner shoots Doggett and Moronica a look that's as close to frightened as I've ever seen him. Run, Skinman! Run! Just race down the hallway! Doggett will cover you! But instead, Skinner slowly walks into the office. TCM and Gibson stare at each other for a long time before TCM slams the door. TCM knows that Gibson can read minds; I don't know why he doesn't slam the door shut to keep his thoughts to himself. Unless he wants Gibson to know what he's thinking. But he's an alien, right? So. That would be a trap, right? Would it be? Am I thinking too much, here? I think I'm thinking about that instead of thinking about how Skinner is probably getting killed behind that closed door. Although they wouldn't kill him at the office, would he? Because how would they explain the body without blowing their cover? Maybe TCM doesn't know that Kersh was involved, too, and now Kersh is just firing Skinner, and then Skinner and Doggett can run away to Vermont together and raise Gibson to be both open-minded about alternative lifestyles and really good with firearms. "He knows," Gibson announces. Doggett and Moronica look at him sharply. "We're all in danger here," Doggett announces, heading for the door to rescue Skinner. "No, he knows about Mulder and Scully, where they're going," Gibson clarifies. And if TCM was thinking about killing Skinner, Gibson would know! And he would say so, right? Right? "You mean, the border?" Moronica asks. Gibson looks solemn. "No, that's not where they went, and they know that," he says. "They're going to find them and kill them." Doggett looks enormously helpless. "Where are they, Gibson?" he asks. "Mulder and Scully. Where'd they go?"

The Product-Placed Ford zips along a dark road. I guess they're been driving all night, because this is the Texas-New Mexico border and it's 5:07 PM. Mulder pulls the car over to the side of the road. He leans over and kisses the sleeping Scully on the cheek. She doesn't move. She must feel safe, to sleep so soundly when they're in such danger, but her face looks very, very sad. Mulder climbs out of the car and takes a leak. "Hey, hot shot!" Frohike calls. "You might have the common courtesy to do your business downwind." Mulder looks up at his three dead friends. "Oh, boy," he groans. Langly advises him to "finish draining the little lizard," and then they'll talk. "The lizard is not little," the Mulder action figure yells drunkenly. Byers -- sweet, well-dressed, dead Byers -- tells Mulder that they're all very worried about him. "Craziness, man, turn around," Frohike advises. "Just hang a big U-y and never look back," Langly says. Mulder looks thoughtful. "I can't," he finally says. "Why risk perfect happiness, Mulder?" Byers asks. "Why risk your lives?" Mulder shakes his head almost imperceptibly. "Because I need to know the truth," he finally says. "You already know the truth!" Byers tells him. Mulder looks at the ground. "I need to know if I can change it," he says. "For crying out loud!" Frohike hollers. "All you're going to do is get yourself killed." Behind Mulder, Scully climbs out of the car. "Mulder! What are you doing?" she yells at him. Mulder turns to look at her, then back to the Lone Gunmen. Who are gone. "I'll be right with you, Scully," Mulder calls to her. The wind blows wildly. Sad trumpets wail.

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