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How Now, Butter Cow?

Josh wanders over and opens the door to see Amy standing there. They say hello and she comes in and takes off her coat, asking, "You let anybody up without asking who it is?" Josh mumbles, "I thought you were breakfast." Not going near that one. Nope. As she goes and helps herself to a beverage (and may we note, she seems plenty comfortable in this apartment), she says, "You know what? John's never asked to see the WLC's high donor database." Josh is mystified: "What?" Amy repeats her statement, adding, "Or any other list. So how do you like them apples?" Josh says he only went to sleep about two hours ago. Amy says, "You think he's using me." Josh: "Is the sun even up?" Amy, sitting down on the couch: "I just thought you should know." Josh, turning on a lamp: "No, not so much." Amy declares that his PJs are too big for him. He asks what makes her say that; she starts to point out what's wrong with the bottoms, but before she gets very far, Josh interjects that he knows they're too big for him: "What are you doing here?" She replies, "Demonstrating once and for all that John's not using me to get the women's vote." Josh hesitates for a moment and then gently says, "You're flaky, you know that?" Word cubed, dude. "You're quite the flake." Amy's still rattling on about how Congressman Sprint hasn't asked to see the database. Well, wouldn't that be really obvious and anvilicious and inappropriate and stupid of him? Not sure it proves all that much. Josh says he was done with this fight a month ago. Amy's still going on: "Never asked us to sponsor a fundraiser for him..." Josh, shuffling around his apartment, says it's early. Amy says, "It's January. You think it's too early to start raising money?" Josh means that it's early, as in the nightingale hath not pierced the hollow of her flaky ear, never mind the lark. Oh, okay, he doesn't reference Romeo and Juliet. I could do with a little more Shakespeare and a lot less Broadway on this program, though. But she rabbits on and on: Congressman Sprint declined a juicy speaking spot she offered; he hardly takes photo ops with her. This Josh argues, saying he always takes photo ops with her. She admits it: "But he never runs them in his Congressional newsletter." Whatta guy. She asks, "How do you like them apples?" The way she says it almost makes me think she's a tad drunk, but I don't actually think she is. Josh pleads, "We're gonna stop with the apples soon, right?" She persists, trying to get him to admit that he was wrong and that John had no ulterior motives in dating her. Josh admits it.

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