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Sam tells Toby he's going to guess where Toby is. He makes an impressively geeky estimate based on his knowledge of headwinds and takeoff times and so forth, and guesses Cumberland, West Virginia. Toby actually has no idea. He refrains from adding that he could care less. But you know he could. Or couldn't? Whatever. Sam decides they'll just say he's right. Then he asks if Toby remembers Bob Engler. Toby doesn't. Sam reminds him that he's a guy from U.S. Space Command with whom he met a few years ago. Toby remembers: "He told you they were tracking a UFO in the skies over Maui?" Sam says yes, and wonders if Toby knows why Sam has another appointment with him today. Because for some reason, the third season means Sam is generally on Crackpot Detail? Toby doesn't know. He tells Sam that Ritchie made a statement last night in support of the Pennsylvania Referendum banning any use of race in college admissions, and he thinks POTUS should say something about affirmative action at the UI campus. Sam doesn't think so, because Ritchie's not going to be the Republican nominee. Toby asks him to write up a few sentences and beam them up to Air Force One right away. Sam says he will.

Josh gets to work, where Donna's already in his office. Honest to God, I don't know how these people function with so little sleep and very little in the way of social lives. Well, now that I think of it...I'm frequently doing much the same thing. ["Same here, girlfriend, but at least I don't have to do it in pantyhose, like poor Donna does." -- Wing Chun] But, you know, it's not exactly an ideal way to live. Josh announces that he's a little tired. Donna, mildly snide: "Really? From the lovemaking?" ["Howlingly inappropriate, that." -- Wing Chun] Oh, lord. Is this going to be the tenor of their relationship whenever he's dating somebody? Donna walks out of the frame as Josh takes off his coat, not addressing her comment. I think it's become a game for her: how obvious can she make her comments before they penetrate the thick layer of Josh's obliviousness, a density that makes the stuff of which black holes are composed look like Chantilly lace. Josh says he needs to see Leo; Donna says she needs Josh to get her out of jury duty. He asks why. Donna: "Because I have jury duty." He finds out it's tomorrow, and suggests, "Well, why don't you wait until we're a little closer and ask me again?" He says he can't do it, and asks, "What kind of legal authority do you think I'm empowered with?" Donna: "But you're a powerful man." Oogh. Josh: "You get...yes. Thank you. You get deferrals, don't you?" She says you only get four and she's used them all up. Josh says it looks like justice is finally in her hands. Donna says, "I don't want it in my hands right now. I'm kind of seeing somebody." What's one thing got to do with the other? Nothing, really; it's just an excuse for Donna to tell us she's seeing somebody. I bet it's Cliff. And I still think that was Cliff's real motivation for rescuing Leo, not all that balderdash about being an upright Republican. Okay, maybe he had both motivations. Anyway, Josh says he can't help her. Donna pedewheedles, "I'm surprised to hear that, 'cause you're such a powerful man. All the girls say so." They run into Margaret, who breezes between them just as Donna asks, "Have you been zapped of your power by the lovemaking?" Lord. Margaret turns and gives Josh a questioning look; Josh mumbles, "She's...I don't..." Margaret tells Josh that Leo's waiting for him.

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