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Josh, sighing, goes into Leo's office and asks, "What's going on in Vieques? Protestors?" Leo replies, "Yeah, listen, something like five ships out of the USS Thurman Battle Carrier steamed in yesterday. What they need is final combat certifications before they can be deployed to the Indian Ocean where they're needed right now. You understand they need to do ship-to-shore gunnery and air-to-ground bombing exercises before they're certified, and they can't go until they're certified?" Josh gets all that. Leo continues explaining that about forty protestors have planted themselves in the live-target range. Josh doesn't understand why he's being involved, since it's a matter of national security. Leo points out that the leader of the protestors is a friend of Josh's named Billy. Josh tells Leo to arrest Billy; that's what Billy wants. Leo responds, "This is a well-known actor, this well-loved young man in the Hispanic community." Little shout-out for Martin Sheen? "He's with other well-loved men in the Hispanic community." But if they were just regular, not-so-well-loved schmoes, there'd be less hesitation to drag their asses out of there? You know it. Josh suggests waiting them out; Leo points out that they're prepared with supplies and they don't have the time for that. Leo says that they have Billy's cell phone number, and Josh realizes that Leo wants him to handle the situation by calling Billy. Josh says, "No." Leo firmly says, "Yeah." Josh quietly says, "Leo, if I wasn't working here, I'd probably be with him down there." Leo points out, "Yeah, but you're working here." Leo turns to leave; the matter is settled. Josh protests, "This is a crappy thing to do with friendship. These things aren't supposed to be personal." Leo says, "We're at DEFCON 4. I'm sorry. I'm arranging the call." He walks out.

Back on Air Force One, POTUS stands up at a meeting and says, "You can check a whip vote, but I don't think we get sixty votes on a cloture motion." Toby's waiting at the door as a woman off-screen replies, "We think we lose eight Democrats who don't want to spend capital on the foreign aid budget." POTUS thinks they lose eight Democrats once they find out there is a foreign aid budget. The meeting ends, and Toby comes in and tells Jed about Ritchie's statement about the referendum, and that Sam's working up a response. Jed replies, "Look, he's going to make a statement during the primary that forces me to move to my left. It's not like I've gotta swing at every pitch, right?" Toby says that everybody still thinks it's going to be Simon. Jed says, in an almost conspiratorial tone, "You and I know different." Toby says the overnights show Ritchie in single digits; Jed comments, "Every candidate's dream opponent, huh?" Toby agrees. Jed says he'll look at what Sam writes. Toby argues they should respond. Jed won't commit to any more than looking at Sam's mini-speech. Toby can see that the conversation's over; he thanks POTUS and leaves.

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