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Another Tertiary Character Returns

Kirsten enters, thus putting an end to the Awkward Guy Talk Session. She asks if anyone knows where Ryan is, since she suddenly remembered that they're supposed to be taking care of him and found him missing from the poolhouse, leaving a bed that doesn't appear to have been slept in. How sad that this is, like, the seventeenth time this season that Ryan's slept somewhere else without telling the Cohens and only the first time they caught him. Sadie enters the house without knocking, and everyone greets her with fake enthusiasm. She brought bagels for the family to enjoy for breakfast, because she's the Anti-Marissa and therefore both considers other people's feelings and thinks about food sometimes. But this is an uncomfortable moment for the Cohens, since they'd figured Ryan spent the night with Sadie and don't know what to tell her when she asks where he is, not wanting to spill the beans about Ryan's apparent dalliances with another young lady but not being very good at lying, either. Sandy decides just to shake his head and grin stupidly, leaving Kirsten to try to stammer out an excuse for Ryan. "You've really got to learn how to lie better," Seth scolds them, although it's not like he was doing anything so great, all slumped over at the kitchen island and looking around innocently. As Sandy and Kirsten leave the room, Sandy quietly agrees that Kirsten really is terrible at lying. "You could've jumped in," she points out. I think all the Cohens need to learn how to keep their inner monologues inside their heads instead of blurting out stuff that Sadie probably wasn't supposed to hear. It does make for some fun TV, though. More Cohen family time, please!

Sadie helps herself to a huge mug of coffee and asks Seth whether Ryan spent the night at Jess's after getting a desperate emergency phone call. Either Sadie knows Ryan and Jess really well or she's already figured out how freaking predictable this show is. Seth won't say anything for sure, and Sadie tells him that she isn't jealous of Jess, but also doesn't think she and Ryan are right for each other after all. Because, you know, Sadie is actually jealous of Jess. She also thinks Ryan has some "really intense issues" that she just doesn't want to deal with right now. I have to give her props for that; in the real world, most people aren't exactly thrilled to start a relationship with someone who's carrying around more baggage than a 747. Seth doesn't help matters much by saying that Ryan just got out of a relationship with a crazy emotional minefield and that the only "normal" girl he's ever dated was that girl in Season 2 who disappeared, whatever her name was. Sadie channels the viewing audience by looking totally bored by Seth's explanation of how his grandfather's long-lost illegitimate daughter dated his foster brother, and then asks him not to tell Ryan about their conversation, proving that her knowledge of how plotlines on this show usually unfold isn't quite so extensive after all.

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