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Another Tertiary Character Returns

Seth asks Ryan whether he's planning on spending his Friday night with Sadie or Jess. He knows Ryan well: Ryan says that he was, in fact, planning on going to Jess's house to ask her about Trey. Seth urges Ryan to forget about the past, and to "live in the now" and call Sadie. Sorry, Seth, but I kind of agree with Ryan on this one: family is more important than a new girlfriend, especially one who isn't very interesting and makes crappy jewelry.

Marissa sits in the lifeguard shack and alternates between sulking and staring at her newly-returned watch. She takes out her cell phone and stares at it before having a weird hallucination and/or flashback of Volchok strolling up in a hot leather jacket and asking her what she called him for. Then she stares at the ramp to the lifeguard shack for a while, and it's impossible to tell from Mischa Barton's expressionless face whether she's wondering why she just had a hallucination or trying to decide if she should call Volchok or just admiring how the ocean looks under the moonlight. She puts the phone away without calling anyone, which is all Marissa seems to do on this show.

Matt gets a knock on the door of his ridiculously fancy apartment. I wonder if, when Sandy was trying to figure out a way to save the jobs of nine of his employees, Sandy ever took into consideration the fact that he was paying Matt enough to afford a place like that? Marissa's at the door, complaining that her best friend is with her boyfriend and that she's lonely. So, of course, she figured that the best thing to do would be to hang out with her ex-boyfriend's legal guardian's co-worker. Not, you know, go home and watch TV or read a good book. Matt says that he's heading to Los Angeles for the weekend, but Marissa can feel free to hang out at his place by herself. She thanks him for the offer. That didn't make any sense at all.

Seth turns on the last movie of the Blade trilogy, much to Summer's chagrin. Her subtle attempts to suggest that they could be spending their night alone doing other things go completely ignored, leaving her with no choice but to be more overt with her overtures. She does this by loudly sniffing Seth's face and telling him he smells "sooo good." It's about as unsexy as it sounds. Seth is confused; he just ate a salami sandwich and didn't think it smelled all that great. Summer becomes angry at his rejection, and Seth apologizes, realizing too late that she was trying to get romantic with him. He protests that she usually just throws him down and does her thing, so he wasn't prepared for a new approach. But now that he recognizes what she's trying to do, he can go with it. He closes his eyes and tells Summer that she, too, smells good. And he was pretty damn hot when he did that, too, but Summer pronounces the mood killed and orders him to turn the movie back on. There will be no sex tonight. And still, no one gets flan. Sad.

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