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Another Tertiary Character Returns

Summer's hanging out at the diner waiting for her order of pancakes when who should appear behind her but Taylor Townsend! She playfully puts her hands over Summer's eyes and sing-songs a "Guess who?" Summer is startled and upset to see Taylor, who assumes that Summer is there to pick up breakfast for both herself and Seth after a night of hunger-causing sex. Don't these people ever just eat a bowl of cereal and call it a morning? I swear, they eat more pancakes than a room full of lumberjacks. Anyway, it soon becomes obvious that Summer and Seth didn't have sex last night, and Taylor Townsend is alarmed. She begs Summer to let her help, but Summer is in no mood for that. She's not in the mood for anything, really.

Sadie asks Ryan why he never stopped by last night. He doesn't really explain; he just apologizes for being "distracted" over the last couple of days and promises to be there for Sadie from now on. She demands dinner as repayment. He agrees.

Marissa pretends to eat what appears to be a few pieces of cereal out of the box (I guess they only eat that stuff at night on this show) and then calls Summer on her cell phone. But Summer isn't answering her phone, because she has a life and better things to do. And Sandy doesn't have any other employees for Marissa to visit. What will Marissa do now?

Sandy talks to Kirsten about his Matt dilemma. Kirsten doesn't have much advice for him, simply reminding him that Matt isn't all that older than Ryan or Seth, and therefore may need some Sandy Cohen-style guidance. First of all, Matt may only be eight or nine years older than Ryan and Seth are supposed to be, but those are huge years, branching the beginning of adulthood and college and post-college adult life. You learn a lot, for example that taking prospective clients out drinkin' doesn't make the best impression on them, and that spending the night at a strip club with your boss's minor foster son makes an even worse one. And let's not forget the stupidity of dating the daughter of an important client to get something out of the client and then letting the relationship end badly without actually accomplishing your goal. Seth and Ryan walk in on Kirsten and Sandy hugging, and Seth disgustedly asks them to get a room. That had better not be the scene that made the show advise viewer discretion. I want blood! Marissa's blood! Sandy counters that children who are around affectionate parents become sexually well-adjusted adults. Ryan freezes in horror and wonders if his hope for a well-adjusted sex life is doomed forever while Seth makes a bizarre crack about wanting to see his parents have sex in front of him. I'd just like to mention right here that this episode was written by the daughter of Regis Philbin. Let the disgusting mental images flow!

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