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Another Tertiary Character Returns

Ryan gets a call from Jess on his cell phone, and everyone makes "oh, no" faces. Ryan tells the caller to "slow down," and then to "stay put," because he'll "be right there." He runs out of the house and into the Range Rover, in which someone very stupid has left the driver's-side window down. Maybe they're trying to get the car stolen to collect on the insurance money. I prefer to think that the car pulled a Christine and put its own window down. Whatever the reason, it makes it easier for Kirsten to poke her head in when she follows Ryan out the door to warn him not to "let this happen to [him] again," a.k.a. becoming some troubled girl's Saint and Savior. Ryan doesn't listen.

Marissa and Summer finally get a chance to spend some time together at the Bait Shop. Summer tells Marissa that she fears that her and Seth's lack of interest in each other will break them up when they get to college and Seth meets new girls. Why hasn't the possibility that Summer could meet a new guy been mentioned? Marissa assures Summer that things will get better without actually giving her any advice as to how to make this happen. She also says that she and Ryan were exactly the opposite when they were on the verge of breaking up, apparently having hot and passionate sex that we didn't get to see on-camera. Marissa trails off when she catches Volchok's eye across the room, because hot guys are much more interesting to Marissa than a conversation with her best friend could ever be. Volchok makes sure to give Marissa another one of his smoldering stares, which are starting to get really old at this point. Doesn't he have any other way of looking at people?

Ryan shows up at Jess's house. Her latest emergency is that she just broke up with her boyfriend and he's been driving past her mansion over and over again. She doesn't have any parents around, it seems, nor does she or Ryan have the ability to do this thing called "calling the police" and letting them deal with it. Then again, it took the police TWO DAYS to show up when my apartment was robbed, which has pretty much shattered my faith in the police force as a whole. They're always around to give me a parking ticket the second after my meter runs out, but when I actually need them, they're nowhere to be found. Funny how that works. But back to the show: Jess's ex comes to the door. Ryan answers it and tells the guy he'll kick his ass if he takes another step toward the house. Meanwhile, this guy is big and beefy and Ryan's all of five and a half feet tall. Good thing for him that a Chino five and a half feet translates into eight feet tall in Newport. The Ex leaves. Jess claims that she'll be fine and that she's trying to change, so she won't come on to Ryan tonight, and he's free to leave. Ryan walks out, but only gets as far as the foyer before noticing a photo of Trey (which is obviously a still from the show) sticking out of Jess's pocketbook. He takes the picture out and stares at it for a while, and then puts it back and returns to Jess in a misguided display of either loyalty to his brother or trying to fix something that he thinks Trey broke.

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