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You Gogo, Girl

...and now all the kids are on the beach, and the game has "progressed" from Truth or Dare to I Never. Wow, they're really taking me through my college experience here. I should get some appropriate beer to really get into the spirit of things, except I swore I'd never ever drink Meister Brau again. Fifty kegs is my lifetime limit. Veronica says she's never gone skinny dipping, and everyone else drinks. (Drinking means you've done the activity in question, for anyone fortunate enough not to have played this game.) Lilly's aghast, and says they'll have to do something about that. Logan pipes up that he's never "taken matters into [his] own hand in the boys' locker room after watching cheerleader tryouts." Duncan tells Logan he's dead, but drinks. Oh, man, this is the killer with this game -- when you play with people who know your darkest secrets, andthey're willing to target you. Do not play this game lightly, people. And do I have to reiterate the part about not playing with your sister? Veronica begs Duncan to tell her that that happened after they started dating. Hee. Duncan sounds like he's trying to come up with one to get Logan back, and says, "I've never seen my parents having sex." Logan doesn't drink, but Lilly does, and what's more, she imitates their mom in the act, sounding like a female foghorn. I won't say it again. I trust you've all learned your lesson. Lilly: "I've never not had sex." Wow. I'm surprised everyone wasn't crying at the memorial. Oh, she clarifies that you have to drink if you've never had sex. Veronica drinks immediately. Duncan hesitates before he follows suit, but it's left ambiguous whether he's embarrassed over his virginal status, or he has had sex but he's lying to spare Veronica's feelings. Despite the fact that it's violating a sacred oath to lie in this game (which is ANOTHER reason not to play lightly), and despite the fact that Logan and Lilly react like they think he's telling the truth, I'm going with the latter explanation, but I like the fact that it's not given away. The four kids group hug, and sort of grind. Back in the present, Veronica starts to leave, but smiles to herself, looking like she has an idea.

Veronica and Keith are on what looks like the campus of San Diego State. Veronica's leading a dog that is not Backup, presumably a drug-sniffer breed, while Keith dons a DEA jacket and complains that this isn't his idea of quality time. Veronica: "Never loved you more." Hee. She tells him it's for a good cause, and he gives her a Godwave. Godwaves make me think of Cute Guy God. But I don't want to get distracted here, so let's move on.

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