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Wallace and "Special Guest Star, Not That That Means Anything If That's The Credit They Gave Paris Hilton" Kyla Pratt are doing something in an office. Seeing she's about to pick up a stack of folders, Wallace rushes over to help her, but she's already dropped everything. She whines that that was the pile he just finished alphabetizing, but he cheerfully corrects her that it was in fact two piles. Kyla: "Could I be a bigger spaz?" Well, perhaps if you stuck your finger in an electric socket. Barring that, I'd have to say no. Wallace tells her that she could kick him in the balls with steel-tipped boots every half-hour and he'd still be the happiest guy alive. Well, it's his goofy smile that says it, but trust me, the sentiment is there. Kyla, whose name is "Georgia," hugs Wallace and tells him she thinks she did something really stupid. Boy, most girls would at least wait until after the hug to give the "it's not you it's me" speech. Oh, that's not what she meant. She got an email...

...and we're in Veronica's Office, better known as the girls' bathroom, where Kyla is telling Veronica about the email. It was from a guy named Karl, who claimed to be a trust-fund kid with a gambling problem. He was supposedly sending the email to a friend asking him for financial help, and Kyla just happened to intercept it. Wallace shoos some girls out of the bathroom, and I hope this running joke dies soon unless they can offer me a good reason why Veronica needs to commandeer the place. Veronica dubiously notes that the sender's address looks suspiciously nerdy, while Kyla informs her that he was offering 200% interest on a two-week loan, when his twenty-first birthday would arrive and he'd have access to his trust. As I mentioned in the recaplet, many posters talked about in the forums, and Veronica herself alludes to later in the episode, this is very similar to the famous Nigerian scam email that I'm sure we've all gotten many times. I can't believe anyone fell for that, but the forum dwellers assure me that plenty of people did. I guess those people weren't very familiar with the "internets." Kyla damsel-in-distresses that she was supposed to get paid two weeks ago, and Veronica just looks at her like she can't believe her gullibility. If we buy Veronica's "rich kids, poor kids, and no one in between" dynamic from the pilot, I can't believe that Kyla, if she's one of the poor kids, would have access to $3500 in cash. (I'm not saying she couldn't be one of the rich kids, but she probably wouldn't be this upset about the money in that case. And then there's the whole Wallace social-death factor.) On top of that, while a fool and his money are soon parted, when the fool's a teenage girl, she's not typically saving $30, much less $3000. ($3000 is the amount that Veronica later quotes, and since she's reading it off Kyla's email, I'm assuming that's how much she paid.)

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