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You Gogo, Girl

Wallace tells Georgia that "we'll get 'im." Veronica good-naturedly asks, "Will we, now?" Wallace's meek expression suggests that he knows who his daddy is. (I write this as Game Seven between the Yanks and the Red Sox is about to start. Journalistic integrity requires that I leave it in regardless of the outcome.) (Sunday morning -- Aw, crap. Stupid journalistic integrity.) Veronica dials the number in the email, and ramps up her dial to "ditz" as she leaves a message, pretending to be an "Amber," and saying that she got an email from him by mistake, but that she can help him. Hanging up, she tells Kyla that her fee is ten percent of whatever she recovers. Kyla nods blankly. Veronica: Fool, money. You could have gotten fifty. On her way out, Veronica changes her outgoing message to be from the chirpy Amber. After she leaves, Wallace is all, "Did I tell you?" Kyla shrugs hopefully. Man, if all she's going to do is woe-is-me-I'm-just-a-girl through this episode, I'm going to smack her. And then thank her for being How Couch Baron Got His Snark Back. Credits.

Classroom. There's apparently a school television broadcast, as a woman tells everyone watching that today is the last day to purchase Homecoming tickets. Also, kicking off the Homecoming festivities is the dedication of the "Lilly Kane Memorial Fountain." Well, given what we see of Lilly later in the episode, I hope the water's spiked. It would only be fitting. The broadcaster goes on to say that the Kane family is inviting all students and faculty to attend the dedication. (For those of you who were wondering why a certain bald-headed student happened to be at school for the dedication, I submit that he heard this broadcast and thereby knew about it.) At all the Lillyness, Veronica and Logan can't help exchanging a look.

Hallway. Icetwin catches Veronica and suggests that they play "mini-golf" on Thursday. Veronica just smiles at him. He interprets that as "mini-golf is for total, total losers." Which may well indeed be the case. However, the look is more about the fact that Keith wants to meet Icetwin. Icetwin's unfazed, even though Veronica cautions him that Keith is "a little intense." And a little armed, I'd add. Icetwin tells Veronica that he gives "good parent," and there go my thoughts to that place that I can't seem to avoid. Perhaps because that place is "my mind." Icetwin starts to go, but turns back to ask Veronica if they're on for the dance. Veronica's smile falters for just a moment as VMVO says that this should make her happy, but she recovers to give Icetwin a reasonably enthusiastic yes. When he's gone, Veronica's face falls, as the action around her speeds up. VMVO tells us that the dance is every girl's fantasy, but that she's already lived the dream.

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