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You Gogo, Girl

Veronica follows "Karl" to "a funky bohemian theatre for an avant-garde staging of a Beckett play." Endgame is the play in question, and Veronica, if this is how you're going to have to spend your time on Kyla's case, I definitely think you should have asked for a lot more than ten percent. She sees "Karl"'s headshot inside the glass display of the cast (as "Hamm," and despite the fact that I know that's the real lead of Endgame, it still deserves a "hee") and takes it out after picking the lock with a hairpin. On the back, where his credits are listed, there's added in marker: "Duped! Role of Karl -- Recurring." VMVO: "You've got to be kidding me." Honey, you live in Southern California. You must have been to L.A. at some point.

Night. "Karl" exits the theatre and thanks his adoring fans. Fun way to kill that two seconds. He sees Veronica, and asks, in a very Johnny Drama accent, what she's doing there. Shut up, "Karl." Veronica says she's a big Beckett fan: "Hand to God!" Heh. The dweeb babbles something about a show, and Veronica doesn't know what he's talking about. He tells her that Duped! is a reality show where people get conned into doing stupid stuff. Veronica points out that there were no cameras. "Karl": "You're not supposed to see them! That's the whole point!" Hee. This guy has this part down. Veronica explains that there is no show. "Karl" is aghast, as he auditioned and got cast. There was an ad in Back Stage West for an open call, which suited him, as he's "between agents." Dude, the only way you'd be between agents is if you valet-parked an industry party. He says that he just got the call that day that he got the job, and Veronica asks him if he's still got the number in his phone. He gives it to her, and she calls. "Karl": "Hey! What about my SAG points?" It's a tough, non-speaking world you live in, "Karl." Luckily for the rest of us.

School hallway. Veronica tells Wallace that the phone she dialed didn't accept incoming calls, but that the call was from a place called "Gameland," which she supposes is a cybercafe. Wallace corrects her that it's a club where dorks get together to play interactive multiplayer games. Which I have never, ever done. You can't make me admit to it, not for all the frags in...whoops. Wallace adds that the only girls you see in there are "Japanime," so it's going to be hard for her to blend. Veronica: "So I won't blend." Lilly Kane is so proud. And dead.

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