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The Grill: Matt, Caroline, Elena and Stefan make awkward small talk, starting with Matt's job at the Grill. He notes that they can't hold onto a bartender, and I wonder if taking that job is as deadly as managing a magic shop in Sunnydale. I hope so, because fun! [Most magic shop owners in Sunnydale have the life expectancy of a Spinal Tap drummer. --Buffy.] They move on to discuss Kelly's return, and how Miranda Gilbert and Kelly were BFFs. Matt and Elena have known each other since infancy. This is exactly the easy kind of conversation Caroline was hoping for, so of course she's ridiculously insecure, throughout. When the friendly foursome sees Damon, Kelly and Jenna drinking at the bar, Matt's momentary happiness fades.

Pearl's Pilfered Pad: Fred and Bethanne leave for a night on the town. Harper reminds them of Pearl's wishes, but without her there to back him up, he's unable to stop them. And I've decided I really hate Fred, so I hope he goes down and applies for that bartender job at the Grill.

Gilbert Gables: Anna stops by to see Germ, who is surprised she and her mother didn't leave town. "Change of plans." A beat. "I'm sorry. I thought you'd be psyched." Jeremy takes a moment then says he is. Anna tells him to step aside and saunters in. Once her back is to him, Jeremy's expression darkens.

Grill Bar: Okay, my notes read: "Damon remains of shaky ground kaboom." Got that? What, you need more? Okay, let's go to the tape. Jenna notices Damon is awfully glum and tells him whatever it is, it can't be that bad. Damon says, "You'd be surprised. My primary reason for existence has abandoned me, and after today's events, the remains of the shaky ground that I walk on are about to go kaboom." Damon remains of shaky ground kaboom. Clearly, people. Please try to keep up. He takes a moment, moves into what would be Kelly's personal bubble, if she had one, and says to the ladies, "Let's get hammered." Kelly and Jenna are all for that. Upon downing their shots, Kelly reveals herself to be the Woooo Girl we never doubted she was.

Over at the pool table, the young'uns are not impressed by their "adult" relatives. But Matt brings up the time Elena's parents busted the drunken group of them (that is, the kids, not the bar bunch), after Homecoming. Stefan laughs and smiles. In fact, even Caroline enjoys this story until Elena mentions that her father grounded her from seeing Matt. She excuses herself to go to the restroom and invites Elena in a way that's really a command. Meanwhile, over at the bar, Jenna and Kelly finally twig to the fact that the kids are right across the room. Jenna worries: "This is not role model-ish." Me, I'm just more concerned that Jenna's choosing to drink in a bar with Damon and Kelly Fricking Donovan, when Alaric Saltzman is wandering the streets of Mystic Falls, unattached and in need of comfort.

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