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Mossy Manse; Exterior: Seated in the car, Elena and Stefan discuss sending Matt and Caroline on their way home, once they arrive at the manse, but Elena decides that if there's one more vampire in Mystic Falls, they can worry about it tomorrow. They need their normal night. Just then, Matt and Caroline drive up. The couple kiss before exiting the car to greet their guests.

Mossy Manse; Interior: Caroline says this is much better than watching Damon visit Cougar Town. In theory, I completely disagree, but in practice most of the scenes featuring the triumvirate of tipsiness did little for me. Matt marvels at the size of the parlor, noting his whole house could fit in it, twice. Caroline looks around. "I feel like I've been here before." Stefan and Elena hold their tongues. It's then that Matt notices Stefan's collection of model cars. Upon learning Matt is a car nut, Stefan says, "Come with me." We cut to...

Grill; Triumvirate of Tipsiness: When Kelly uses her tongue to knot her cherry stem, and Damon is impressed, Jenna takes that as her cue to leave. I'm with you, Jenna. I'm so sad this isn't working for me as well as I want it to. Don't get me wrong. Damon and Kelly are hotter than whoa. Maybe it's just that Jenna should never have been there."

Mossy Manse Garage: Stefan unveils his classic car, which he doesn't drive, because it doesn't run. 162 years old, and able to maintain a mansion, but unable to call a mechanic and get his car fixed? Obviously, this is all contrived to give Stefan and Matt another chance to bond, when Matt fixes Stefan's car. Tsk, Show. You're better than this. Anyhow, Matt reminisces about Elena's father's classic Camaro. He (Matt) must have rebuilt the engine a hundred times. Caroline says she doesn't like sports cars. They're too hard to make out in. Matt looks at Elena. "Nah. It wasn't that bad. With her eyes, Elena telegraphs to Matt: you're not only too dumb for me, you might just be too dumb for Caroline. And for words. And to live. Caroline leaves in a snit. Elena goes after her. Matt apologizes, not to Caroline, but to Stefan, who has more than a century's worth of perspective. He figures it does no one any good to ignore Elena and Matt's shared history. Matt returns the kindness by saying that Elena is good with Stefan. "I wasn't sure, but she's happy, and I'm glad." And yet? Still painfully, painfully dumb.

Grill; Exterior: Jenna stumbles out of the bar and breaks a heel off her boot. Fred rides to the rescue by ripping off the heel off her other boot. He then feels her up for information about where Damon lives. Jenna obliges and says Damon's still inside if Fred wants to catch up with him. Fred gets all flirty and says he'd rather stay outside with her. Jenna might be an un-role model-ish role model, and the world's most crap guardian (as an actual parent, Kelly's in a whole different class), but I've seen stupider drunks. She knows that hot guy + drunk her equals very bad things. I've known a few women who should have that tattooed on the back of their hands. It's then that Fred turns the schmooze up to high and the compulsion eyes up to maximum. He brushes her hair away from her eyes. "I'm pretty sure you'd like it." Jenna waits a beat, and then snickers, right in his face, as she tells him that was a seriously lame pick up. Thank you, Vervain! Fred senses the protective herb is at work, noting the nice scent she's wearing. "What is it?" Jenna says it was a gift. "And that is a cab, so..." She walks off, thank goodness. Once the cab takes her away, Fred tells the lurking Bethanne that Vervain is making it hard to find something to eat in this town. We cut to...

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