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Mossy Manse Grounds: Elena catches up with Caroline and tries to talk her out of her snit, but Caroline is playing in the deep end of the self-pity pool. "I am Matt's Elena-back-up. I am your Bonnie back up." Elena interrupts. "Now this is about me and Bonnie?" Caroline says Elena doesn't get it, because she's always everyone's first choice. Just then, the boys roll out the car, which Matt got working, without needing to buy one thing in the middle of the night -- after it's sat dormant for years. Ugh. Stefan, sensing Caroline is still in a tizzy, offers to let Matt take the car and Caroline out for a spin. As the still shaky new couple drives the Contrivance Coupe into the darkness, I heave a sigh of relief. Once they're alone, Stefan asks Elena if she's all right. Elena chuckles. "If it's not vampires, it's girlfriends." You wanted normal, kiddo.

Gilbert Gables: Jeremy and Anna are making sandwiches, but when Anna turns her back for a second, Jeremy intentionally slices open the palm of his hand. Anna is so freaked she can't even hand him a towel. Jeremy pushes the subject of blood until Anna shoves him up against the fridge and vamps out. "What are you doing?" Jeremy smiles. "I knew it. Go for it." Anna hesitates, but finally drinks, right from his hand. Jeremy finds it both painful and arousing. If he turns into another Riley Finn, I'm going to raise a ruckus that hasn't been heard since the Sunnydale Hellmouth collapsed in on itself. Thankfully, they're interrupted by Jenna's return. Jeremy does a crap job at acting casual as he asks what's up, but Jenna's too drunk to notice. She just nods toward the open kitchen door and tells him to make sure he locks it up. Once she heads upstairs, Jeremy returns to the kitchen to find Anna gone. He looks down at his hand, and smiles a secret little smile.

Contrivance Coupe: Matt and Caroline pull over to work through their differences. Matt knows the double date was a test and wants to know if he passed. Um. Caroline isn't sure. Matt figures it's his fault she has turned into a crazy person. "I made it pretty clear early on that Elena -- it means something to me, but all that talk was just two old friends and some memories. Tonight wasn't about me and Elena. I was there, because I wanted to be with you. I don't know what this means or what we are, but I do know that you're the only person I want to be in this car with, right now. I don't even know if this make sense, because I'm not good at expressing myself." Human again, Caroline is nearly breathless as she assures him he's doing just fine. Their lips find each other until Caroline lets out a surprised gasp. "Ow." A beat. "Sports Cars!" Heh. Matt says, "Yeah."

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