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A Night at the Obscure Movies

Oh, an ad for Jack and Jill. What a coincidence.

Next, L.A. uses every hand gesture he knows while introducing Marcus Canty. We learn that Marcus's mom has been flying in from Baltimore every week, so no wonder she wants him to get a job. Marcus and the judges promise that he'll only be singing tonight -- no dancing. He appears on stage in a column of yellow smoke, wearing a mirrored tuxedo jacket and singing "I'm Going Down" from Car Wash. And as we see, with Marcus, there's a difference between no choreography and no dancing, and he's going with the former, if you know what I mean. And if you don't, it means lots of gyrating randomly and getting tangled in his jacket when he tries to take it off. Afterward, Nicole has two words for him: "Ma-gic." I have one for Nicole: shut up. She gets kind of inappropriately flirty with him as she goes on and on about how awesome he is. Paula also has a whole long speech, and Simon says Marcus was a thousand percent better when freed of L.A.'s songs and especially freed of that cabaret-singer jacket halfway through. L.A. tells Marcus he has a crystal ball with a picture of Marcus in it. Which isn't creepy at all.

After Steve does the voting instructions, it's Simon's turn to introduce one of the girls. He almost keeps a straight face as he says the song is from one of his favorite movies, You, Me and Dupree. In the intro reel, we see Drew hugging Adam Sandler on the red carpet, as well as some of the ways her hometown of Chino Valley has become Drewville. Simon promises this will show a new side of Drew. Oh, and she's really breaking out of her mold here, doing a slow, creepy, minor-key version of Coldplay's "Fix You." That is a departure; normally she does that with peppy songs, not with songs that start out that way. Also, she kind of looks like she was just in a cage match with a flock of peacocks. She kicks it up a little for the bridge, but I think she only cranks it up to about seven, which at least are four notches higher than she normally goes. L.A. tells her she's always really good, but is ready to see her do something different. I'm with L.A. And to Simon, he says he never even heard of You, Me and Dupree. He and Simon bicker about it, while Simon pretends that an obscure Owen Wilson flop wasn't just an excuse to have Drew sing some Coldplay. Nicole calls her "brilliant beyond your years" and "unlike your mentor...a little slice of heaven." Paula likes the song and the performance, but not the outfit, so she tells Drew she shouldn't let Simon give her fashion advice. Simon calmly informs everyone, "Drew designed that dress." Oops. Well, now Paula and I feel bad. Simon likes how Drew takes risks (I would like that too, if it happened), compares her fashion sense to that of Lady Gaga (as if), and accuses L.A. of trying to get into Drew's head. Or, you know L.A. might have a perfectly valid point. Steve cuts off what could be an interesting debate by reciting the voting instructions, which are not interesting.

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