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Another fan wants to know if the judges know who's going home ahead of time, because it doesn't appear they spend too much time deliberating the issue. The judges all shout this down and say it really takes a lot of time. Colicchio admits that he goes in with the idea of who he thinks should win and then they all have a debate about it. Ted Allen turns the question to the cheftestants, asking if they ever thought a decision was flat-out wrong. Sandee says she was shocked by the decision to send her home and again we get the argument that she poached her lobster tail and didn't really use the grill to cook it. Sandee wants to know why they judge every episode on its own and don't take all past performances into consideration. The easy answer from the judges is, "That's what we've been told to do."

Next question: Was Clay's elimination tough on him and did he get ribbed by his friends when he went back home? Clay says it was a great time, and, dude, he got to be on TV! None of his friends are going to ride him for that! The next question leads us into a nice montage of Harold's Perilla in New York. The restaurant is open and it's doing well, due in no small part to Top Chef fans, who are specifically eating there and being supportive. Yay, Harold! Some of the cheftestants have eaten there and others haven't gotten a chance. Colicchio has eaten there and calls Harold a "chef's chef" and says that the restaurant really reflects who Harold is. Andy's next question puts forth the odd idea that the season three cheftestants "have it pretty cushy," and considering that, does Harold think season three could beat his season one? Harold smartly answers another question when he says, "The only people that I would ever consider going back for a smackdown would be season one cook-off against the judges." Ted Allen thinks there are a "couple" of the judges who could put up a formidable challenge, though he admits he's not volunteering himself. Colicchio. Colicchio is the only one I could see being a big challenge. Not Gail and not Padma. Of course, if we're taking guest judges into consideration, that's another story, but I don't think that's what Harold is saying. Frankly, I'd love to see Colicchio sweat through a Quickfire. The answer to two more questions is that the season two cheftestants -- Dave, Harold, and Lee Anne -- hang out when they can, and that Lee Anne and Harold are NOT dating. None of the rest of the cheftestants are dating, either. However, Clay cracks, "Me and Sandee." Sandee shyly cracks back, "Wrong gender, dude."

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