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Traveling Salesmen

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Traveling Salesmen

In the parking lot, Michael tosses Dwight a big bag of laundry. "Long story," he explains to a curious Andy. He gathers up his sales force and does the poorest of poor-man's Phil Keoghans, referring to Ryan and Stanley as the retired Marines, Phyllis and Karen as the mother/daughter, Jim and Dwight as the gay couple, and himself and Andy as, what else, the firefighter heroes. And when there's a perfectly good historical precedent for a team of clowns, too. Since Michael made the mistake of bringing up The Amazing Race, everyone gets hung up on the what the prize is (there isn't one) and the race element (there isn't one of those either), so Michael just tells them to get going. But first he grabs Phyllis's keys and throws them under her car. Which, since he just debunked his own TAR comparison, serves no purpose other than to make him look like an asshole.

Speaking of, which, let's see how Dwight is doing. He insists on sitting in the seat directly behind Jim while Jim drives, on the grounds that it's the safest place in the car. So Jim manages to jerk the car in such a way as to bang Dwight's melon on the headrest. Team building!

In a TH, Andy proudly lets us in on the secret to all of his past successes, both in business and romance: "Slowly and painfully wear someone down." Sure, you can laugh, but that's how I became a recapper. So we see him in Michael's shotgun seat, asking him about the Schrute laundry service. With no emotion whatsoever, Michael tells Andy about Dwight's coup attempt. Which is, like, pay-dirt for Andy. He picks up that old wedge and blows a layer of dust off of it in his ongoing bid to bring Dwight down and take his place. For which he's totally qualified, because as an ex-Abercrombie employee he is an excellent folder. Just saying.

Angela is in such a good mood that she actually asks Pam to go with her to get some coffee. Pam is so surprised that she actually accepts.

Karen wonders why Phyllis is driving them to a beauty salon. Phyllis just smiles at Karen knowingly, but since Phyllis's knowing smile looks just like her clueless smile, Karen is not reassured.

How many visor-cams does this documentary team have, anyway? In the Stanley-mobile, Ryan asks Stanley if he could take the lead on the call they're about to make, and then Stanley can critique him afterward. "Nothing would delight me more," Stanley chuckles. Why Ryan fails to open the door and roll out onto the pavement upon hearing that is beyond me.

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