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Traveling Salesmen

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Traveling Salesmen

Karen and Phyllis are also in the car post-sales call. Still aglow from their victory (and of course the toxic levels of cosmetics), Phyllis tells Karen she's glad Karen and Jim are together. Which makes two, counting Karen. And then Phyllis adds that she never thought Jim would get over Pam. Oops. "That's nice," Karen says, her face falling so quickly that I'm surprised it doesn't crack. Phyllis adds that Karen can pay her back later for the makeover. Oh, there will be payback.

Andy and Michael appear to be the first to return to the nearly-abandoned bullpen, and Andy takes advantage of the time to toss Dwight's desk, steal his car keys, and get an NYC tollbooth receipt from his Trans Am. Which he hands over to Michael, reminding him of Dwight's lateness that morning and wondering why Dwight would go to New York without telling anyone. And Andy has Michael's attention for the first time that day. As the gears turn inside Michael's head, Andy babbles mock-obliviously about laundry and betrayal. And then Michael THs about Dwight's second strike: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...strike three."

Michael calls up Jan, and can I just say how weird it is to hear Jan's voice on Michael's speaker phone sounding quiet and helpful and not vibrating with suppressed rage? Anyway, Jan didn't see Dwight, but she looked up his name on the security log at Corporate. Where it was next to the words, "Beeswax, Not Yours, Incorporated." That's enough for Michael, who looks up to see Jim and Dwight reentering the office. "Oooh, doggy," Andy says from behind Michael's chair.

Karen arrives right behind Team Gay Couple, and she asks Jim to join her for some coffee. "Look at you," he grins. Poor effort, but under the circumstances, that's probably for the best. Of course, if he really loved Karen, he would be mocking her into oblivion right now. He asks Pam to join them, and since she's already been out for coffee today, she declines. But she does tell him about the art contest. Jim is very excited for her and wants to hear all about it, but Karen is waiting. Yikes. If I want to see romantic timing that awkward, I'll rent The Lake House.

Michael and Andy come and loom over Dwight, and Michael asks Dwight why he was late. Dwight claims to have overslept. "Damn rooster didn't crow," he says. Anybody else, that would be just an expression. Michael calls Dwight a liar, saying he knows that Dwight went to Corporate that morning. He demands to know why. Dwight says he can't tell Michael, but he asks him to trust him. Which is the one thing he can't do. Michael threateningly warns Dwight to think about his future with the company. "Think about it long and hard." "That's what she said," Dwight whispers fearfully, which doesn't help at all. Michael storms off, leaving Andy to glare at Dwight like the self-righteous tattletale he is.

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