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Traveling Salesmen

Afterwards, in the break room, Dwight and Angela desperately have a whispered conversation from separate tables. Angela is worried about everyone knowing about their business. Dwight doesn't think that would be so bad. "Look at Kelly and Ryan," he points out. "I hate those two people more than anything in the entire world," Angela says.

At the coffee shop, Karen asks Jim about Pam. He denies it at first, then tells Karen about his crush that he told Pam about, and she didn't return his feelings, and he left. "I'm really glad you're here, okay?" he reassures her. Well, that wasn't nearly as ugly as it could have been. Aside from Karen's makeup, that is.

Dwight stands up from his desk and reads from a long prepared statement to the effect that he's resigning. Pam looks over at Angela, wondering if she's really going to let this happen. Looks like Angela is.

In a Willy Wonka callback, Andy sings a version of the Oompa Loompa song about Dwight's departure.

Dwight gives a clearly ambivalent Michael a box of his belongings, remembering to hold onto some. Ryan THs that Dwight will be missed. "Not by me, so much, but he will be missed."

"Dwight? From sales?" Angela tearfully THs. "Was one of the most honorable and efficient employees this company has ever had." And over Dwight's departure salute, he says that one of his goals was to die in his desk chair. "That dream died today," he says, for the sake of sparing embarrassment to a woman who's ashamed to let anybody know she's dating him. I never thought I'd say this, but you can do better, Dwight.

In the parking lot, he encounters a returning Jim and Karen. Please don't say anything mean right now, Jim. "Hey, man," he chirps amiably. Thank you. Without a word, Dwight hugs Jim and shambles onward toward his car. "What happened on your sales call?" a confused Karen asks an equally confused Jim.

Andy gloating-heads about Dwight's departure, unaware that through the window behind him, Angela is glaring at him in the far background. Fortunately the camera catches it and zooms in close. And you know, Angela is usually not my type, but between that rare smile earlier and the death-ray vision now? Onward Christian soldiers, is what I'm saying.

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