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Vendetta For V

Talbot and Eric flirt about 16th c. Japanese vampire erotica and talk all around the sex they're going to be having in about a minute, and Talbot warns Eric that Russell is a collector of both things and people, and then Eric wanders over to a cabinet where there is a golden crown. He swallows, fake sexy smile faltering, as he picks it up. "Some random tribal crown, he must have a hundred of them. This one's... Scythian, I think?" But no, Eric knows better and now

(Because it's time for a Viking flashback with long blonde hair and Eric is a human Viking and his Dad is the Viking King or whatever but all Eric wants to do is fuck all the ladies, and his royal parents are indulgent but want him to grow up and take on some responsibility, and his parents are scandalized and Dad wants him to Simba up, but then all of a sudden everybody including his little sister gets killed by werewolves while Eric is in another room fingerbanging a wench. Dad's the last to fall, and Eric spots the Werewolf symbol on the one he kills, and then another one brings Dad's crown to somebody who is clearly Russell, who back in Viking times wore a giant black cloak that he swished around all the time like that mysterious serial killer on Passions)'s all weird because Eric's like, "I totally swore vengeance on you guys like back in Viking times," but Talbot is just sort of cross-eyed with horniness and not really paying attention so he wonders if they are going to do it or what.

Back at Alcide's, Sookie and Bill say each other's names a whole lot, and Bill tells Alcide to get Sookie out of Jackson without explaining a damn thing, which offends Sookie on many levels. Then before he can say anything, Coot busts in and invites some vampires, including the King, which means the King is there when Sookie electrocutes Cooter and he goes flying across the room, and then the King just stares delightedly, before laughing like it's a double rainbow. I'm so glad somebody finally understands how cool Sookie is without getting all teary-eyed about it.

Tonight: If I'm counting days right, Pam is due to die. Obviously that's not going to happen, which means that probably the Magister is not long for this mortal coil, which is sad in a different way. Russell's game is going to completely change now that he has Sookie, so one presumes that Eric will start working this shit in a whole new way to balance it out. God knows how Bill is going to deal with life, but that's true every week. Jason goes after poor Kitch again and continues to make out with Crystal, Eric is mean to Sookie Stackhouse, Jesus and Lafayette hopefully make out at least, Hotshot comes after him once again, and Tara is more than likely not going to become anybody's VAMPIRE BRIDE... Although Sophie-Anne just might.

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