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Vendetta For V
why they're so unhappy -- but it's all based on a misconception having to do with sweet little Chip (and the continuing hassle of Jessica's vampire secret)! Isn't that so sucky? For everybody?

Especially Summer? But also probably Tommy, whose life shittiness quotient at times seems to rival Tara's? Joe Lee calls and Sam hands over the phone, and there is profanity which escalates into drunken screaming and eventually Sam hanging it up for Tommy without comment. Apparently Joe Lee wants Tommy's "ass" home now, and gives not one single "shit" about his gainful employment, and is very excited about the idea of Tommy doing what Joe Lee says, when he says it. I almost wish Tara hadn't been abducted across state lines by a crazy murderous vampire so that Sam could say, "Tara, you know when Joe Lee was your mother, how did you deal with that?" And Tara would say, "First, we're gonna need a possum."

Instead she all tied up once again at Russell's house, with Franklin throwing quite a wobbler about her escape attempt. Needless to say, his feelings are hurt, which is less touching than it is terrifying, and she explains that she was pretty much scared, due to being tied up and taken places against her will. Franklin explains that, in his crazy head, the tying up is because he's trying to protect her. (Abandon/control/abandon/control: Things are not afraid to get literal with old Tara, are they? She can't just lose control, she has to be inducted into a Dionysian ecstasy cult; she can't just seek out control, she needs a boyfriend who'll tie her up. To love is to bury, but also: Brenda Chenowith Lives!) "I feel like I've been staked!" he chokes out, weeping blood against the wall, utterly bereft, while she shivers on the bed. Once again, Franklin wins.

Tara pulls her ass together for a sec, staring at all the many weirdo things of Franklin at once, and tells him she's just confused and nuts, begging for his forgiveness. "It's not you I'm afraid of, it's this place. All the other vampires, they're the ones who scare me." This last staring away from him, willing him to hear the subtext there, more terrified than ever that she's playing this wrong but hoping it'll give her some breathing room. He puts his arms around her, kissing her forehead, as she gets angrier and angrier: "I'll never let them touch you. There's only you. They don't exist. There's only you."

Fake smiles are flying wildly as Russell and Bill get together to talk about the dossier Franklin Mott found, with the names circled and Sookie's genealogy clearly at issue. Bill pretends throughout that this is nothing to do with him, because Franklin is crazy, and scoffs -- Bill, Bill is a terrible actor, it's gratifying -- at Russell's theory that this has all been a game of Track the Telepath: "You are trying to discover the origins and the meaning of your human's curious mental condition, because somehow, somewhere, there is a payoff." Possibly, she inherited her abilities from her father Earl, who was also circled. There's something just so sweetly Compton-esque about all this.

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