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Vendetta For V

"You don't get it, you dumb motherfucker! I own him, head to tail!" (Creeeeeeepy! Moreso!) Sam finally gets about as pissed as we've ever seen him. "Fuck you, you broke-down bastard! You don't own shit! You live in a house I own! You wanna keep it, get out, before I throw your ass in the parking lot!" Sam looks interested in doing just that, and begs Joe Lee for the opportunity as poor Tommy looks on -- and I think maybe figures out that Sam, for all purposes, loves him -- but of course JL flips into contrite drunken babbling -- he can't think straight; Tommy needs to learn responsibility -- and wanders away again. Sam asks Tommy what the fuck that was, but I mean... Obviously, what the fuck that is, is life. Tommy has not really been secretive about that.

Tara sits at the big dining table, crying because they've put yellow day lilies on a plate for her, and hunger-crazy is like one more kind of crazy she can't afford right now. Franklin, of course, assumes something has been done and he needs to get all knight errant about it, but since it's just flowers for dinner he's reduced to hurling the plate at the wall and yelling at guards and generally acting like that. Being told she is sexy doesn't do much for old Tara right now, but it gets her to bat her eyes and pretend this is real. She tells Franklin they need to talk. "Don't say that. Women say that, everything goes black, and I wake up surrounded by body parts."

No fucking doubt. Tara realizes he's not really kidding and immediately goes for it, real romantic-like: Baby, no, no, it's okay. That's not where I'm going at all. Franklin, I'm into you. I mean, really into you." He blushes and scoffs and his dreams are coming true. "But if we're gonna be together, you have to remember that I'm alive. I have needs? Like food." He gets all twitchy and she smiles sexily: "No, baby, it's just a thing! I'll remind you."

He offers to take her somewhere "special" for dinner, which represents escape (and also food!) and when he explains that it's to Shoney's, her muttered "great..." comes through a frozen smile that doesn't move. Why the special dinner? Oh, no big deal: Just her last night as a human. "I'm gonna turn you! Will you be my VAMPIRE BRIDE?" Not even the fake smile can withstand the WTF of that. He puts his head down and kisses her hand and all her WTF faces from throughout the episode come together and form like a WTF Voltron and it's amazing. Rutina Wesley is the most hilarious person!

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