The Killing

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We Could Be Like Two Strings Beating

Kid Becker: "She ain't lying."
Henderson: "He's tough, no joke. But if you saw what I saw today, you'd... My ideas about him have been a little bit radicalized this episode. Still waters, you know. Mean-eyed, violent, still waters."
Mrs. Becker: "Set aside the fact that you know I'm a huge whore and just be friends with me for like one second, please? I am all alone in this world. You're the only person who even knows him."
Henderson: "I got my own shit to worry about. I'm not wading into your stuff. I'm sorry."


Bullet: "I see by your fingerlessness that you are Angie Gower?"
Angie: "Everybody needs to stop talking to me forever."
Bullet: "I need you for a gift. I need to give you to a friend I hurt very badly."
Angie: "No thanks. The Piper comes for us all."
Bullet: "Cool, here are some extra drugs for later. Just tell me who the Piper is?"

She lays down every charisma vibe she's got in her tiny, strong little body. It's impressive, you know it is. Angie is strong too -- hell, that bitch won't stay down -- but even having beat the Reaper I don't think you could stand up to the full power of Bullet. Even when she came up against Linden, the Immovable Object v. The Irresistible Force, they still couldn't do better than holding on for dear life and saying psychic love things at each other.


Holder: "One of these pictures makes me think Ray Seward loves his kid more than he lets on."
Linden: "Obviously, but that's not going to help."
Holder: "It reminds me of my nephew Davey. Remember him? The one I replaced with Jack when my meth ruined my family relationships?"
Linden: "Oh, is that still weird?"
Holder: "You steal from a child, there's no statute of limitations. Of course they're still watching me, waiting for me to fail."
Linden: "Take it from me, Sarah Linden, that you are misreading their affection for you."
Holder: "Uh yeah, I'll totally do that."

The phone rings, he doesn't pick up. I was scared it would be Caroline, but it's Bullet. Which is awful, obviously, but not the end of the world.

Holder: "I don't want you to steal from Adrian, in terms of the details of his father's possible crimes."
Linden: "That's a good point."
Holder: "Okay, shower and sleep for this bunny, and then back to the Joe Mills porn. Actually you know what, let me be your second set of eyes with this Seward file."

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The Killing




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