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We Could Be Like Two Strings Beating

One of my favorite things about the Scream movies, which are brilliant in exactly this self-reiterating literary way, is that every installment includes one scene where a person is being killed in front of another person and they don't see, or can't hear, or whatever the missing element is -- and the more the movies start being about Hollywood itself, the more that becomes sound booths, video cameras, etc. One technologically mediated step away from being able to help.

I mention it here only because usually the veil is misinformation, red herrings, personal vengeance -- it's rare we even get both sides of a situation, much less the characters -- but the yearning horror it presents here is just so weirdly similar to the terrifying feeling of not knowing where Kallie is -- the Maybes -- or the pain of Mitch and Darren, hurting so much that it tore time and space. The Certainties.

We get mixed up about what is grief and what is fear, but part of this show is coming to understand that they're just the same thing: This existential dread of an absence where there used to be a presence. Either way you're Orpheus -- whether you can see her or not, whether you know for sure if she's gone or not, whether it's cancer or a serial killer chasing her down -- because either way, your body is telling you This can't possibly be true.

Holder looks more like a meth head than he has in a long time, cheeks gone hollow, as they listen to her try and talk him down. Some cop cuts in on the channel, and while they're shutting that down it confirms they're still in the city. So all those cops come back to HQ, yet again.


Mike: "Do you know what heroin does to a kid? What withdrawal is like?"
Linden: "Yeah, from when I worked in a jail. Say more stuff that sounds creepy."
Mike: "They are just human refuse, these junkie whores. Barely people. Nobody cares about them."
Linden: "But you do. You go looking for them."
Mike: "Of course I do. I still don't think we're talking about the same thing. Listen, you know about that girl in Tempe, right? The one that died after I kidnapped her? That was no bueno, how that went."
Linden: "She was your first? I mean, serial killing. Not just the first person you tried to save, like it sounds like I'm saying."
Mike: "Cops are so stupid. You don't fix anything, you're just trained dogs who get to feel self-righteous at the end of the day."

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The Killing




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