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We Could Be Like Two Strings Beating

Linden: "You are talking to the wrong fucking person about that. Being a cop is the opposite of that for me, I'm talking about the exact same thing you are. Crazy wild-animal justice that never stops, even when your son is gone and your home is gone and your husband is gone and your skin is gone and your bones are gone and all you are is just fire."

She sends Holder another subtle signal about where they're going. This whole thing is very subtle, I'm pointing out the ambiguities/bivalence of the conversation not to nail it as on-the-nose or just to snark, but because it's wonderful. I just realized how bitchy I might sound, but honestly it's great. They could do this for the whole hour, talk about opposite subjects and still agree because it's where they meet, and nobody would ever know the real truth about either of them. Including them.

Skinner: "Okay, how many drawbridges are there and which ones are up right now?"
The Computer: "Two of them are up like they said. On opposite ends of the city."
Skinner: "If only we hadn't just pulled the entire police force off one location and sent them back toward another!"

Linden: "Okay, so the girl was an addict you said?"
Mike: "She begged and begged for me to let her out. No other program would take her, they didn't have the money or the beds or whatever..."
Linden: "Wait, 'let her out'?"
Mike: "Crying, throwing up for days. She made me promise. When I finally went to the store, she got out and told the neighbors I kidnapped her..."
Linden: "So you were just detoxing her?"
Mike: "Yeah, but who would believe that? You don't even believe that. A grown man literally keeping a girl prisoner... You can see how and why it would destroy my life. Don't you judge me for..."
Sarah: "No, I get it. Jack's in Chicago."

Mike: "Did he die or something?"
Sarah: "No, I'm just a terrible parent. At some point that became clear even to me."

She chooses her words more carefully than that, but not carefully enough: One of the cops giggles, betting she'll start crying soon, and they laugh. Not smart with seven feet of Bugs Bunny a couple yards away, son. Not smart at all.

Holder: "Get out or your face will not survive. There is nothing funny about a woman with a knife to her throat. Even a hireback. Even the craziest person we have ever personally met. Because I'll tell you this, that was her scariest ugliest secret. Half of last season wouldn't even have happened if she wasn't so ashamed of that. She just opened a vein for your motherfuckers."

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The Killing




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