The Killing

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We Could Be Like Two Strings Beating

She can't look him in the eye, but she lets him rub her back.


Ray: "So that cop who arrested me for that murder that time, and now says I didn't do that murder and shouldn't be on Death Row. Um, were you gonna call her back, or...? Because trust me that it's important. I can't seem to get through to her, but I'm sure it's not because she's busy getting abducted."
Lawyer: "I have no faith in Sarah Linden, because I do not know her. Your last appeal is done with and honestly that's how that works. So."
Ray: "Uh, I'ma need to keep trying, actually. Turns out getting hanged is some bullshit."
Lawyer: "Wait, you want to fight for your life and you're showing remorse and suddenly you didn't hack your wife's head off? Speaking as your lawyer, any one of these things would have been helpful to know about before today."
Ray: "I only recently found them out myself."
Lawyer: "This is cute, but I've seen it a million times before. Let's talk about what I should do with your remains. Do you want a tombstone, or..."

His face goes cold, just horribly sad. On the way back to his cell, he has a panic attack. Becker, of all people, gets him under control and talks him through it. It is beautiful. Even more beautiful because it is so, so temporary, but in that moment there is a little bit of God. More even than Sarah's confession, there is a light through the clouds for a second. I'm not going to lie, I have to take a little break. That is too much. It's too big.

Okay. I mean, you know what I mean? It's so scary because he's whimpering and wheezing, and then Becker grabs him by his lovely face and refuses to let him slip off into a freakout. Just looks into his eyes, and breathes with him. Gathers all the pieces together in his hands and holds them together just long enough.

"I have you," he says. "Everything is okay," he says.

"You're not dying."


Skinner: "How's she doing in that debrief?"
Holder: "Well, she already lit a cigarette in the guy's face, so. The usual. Givin' 'em hell."
Skinner: "You know Mike's not the Pied Piper, right? We just confirmed that various cop ways. Also, Bullet lied to you. She got picked up a half-hour ago, hustling all night."
Holder: "She was in his house..."
Skinner: "Yeah, he started acting weird and she left because he was acting weird, and so she went to work. Your CI lied to you. You need to make this right."

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The Killing




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