The Killing

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We Could Be Like Two Strings Beating

Bullet: "Oh, just whatever. Just some drugs for me to abuse. You are the expert."
Dealer: "Heard anything about Kallie?"
Bullet: "Uh, I have to go abuse all these drugs now. Thank you for them."
Dealer: "Check it out, be careful. A fingerless girl bought drugs from me earlier."
Bullet: "It's weird that you say that. Maybe I will hold off on abusing these drugs."


Sarah: "Thank you for not asking me if I'm okay. Everybody kept asking me that, it made me feel that one feeling. Anger."
Stephen: "Well, are you? Because you shouldn't be."
Sarah: "I know, but I am. I guess telling your biggest secret helps more than being held hostage hurts."
Stephen: "Like if I said for example, If something happened to you I would die."
Sarah: "Yeah. Like that. Or when I admitted that same thing to you, years after the fact, back on the bridge."

So she pays him back in kind. I am glad to see them play this game, it is my favorite game. Do you remember that game show several years back where they would hook the people up to the lie detector and ask them bigger and bigger secrets until they couldn't handle it anymore? That got ripped on so much, but to me it was like church.

Oh my God I was so jealous of those people. Even when their secrets were tiny and dumb, you could just watch and wait for the look of grace that would come over them. It made me ecstatic, every time: So small -- just a microexpression, just for one second -- but you could actually see it, knitting them back up on the inside, to say it where somebody could hear.

"I couldn't see him, you know? Just his eyes in the mirror. And his voice... I kept thinking that this is what it must've been like for all those girls, how alone they must've felt. Just his eyes, you know, looking at 'em. Knowing that was the last thing they were gonna see. Fuck."

Linden: "Only it wasn't even him."
Holder: "I should have got there sooner."
Linden: "You got there. You found me."

Then it's quiet. Just because we are not in love, they say, Doesn't mean I love anybody more than I love you.

Holder: "Do you go to bed with the Trisha Seward file? Eat dinner with it?"
Linden: "They're going to kill him in two days."


Mrs. Becker: "Where's my husband, do you know? He hasn't been home in a couple days. I know you don't think much of me, but it's hard being there. Married to him."

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The Killing




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