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"You think I'm a low-hanging fruit?" she gasps, through her tears, when he can finally stand. "Oh, you should see your face right now!"

She knits the world together and Sean stops weeping and the roar recedes. She dances on the edge of it, the very surface. Her eyes are lying but her smile is real: She'll be missed. At least Sean understands her place.

"Why don't we spark up that doobie?" she asks, and smiles until he turns away. And when his back his turned, Sean's sister's smile falls. Save your tears for yourself, she thinks, and stares out over the water at a far-off shore.

Sean lights the joint, takes a pull, shakes his head at his sister's madness. That was a good one. A little shock -- a big one -- but good, like pushing on a bruise. Everything back where it belonged. They have a lot in common, maybe, after all, Sean thinks. That was a very good one, Sean thinks. Sean's sister is amazing, and will never die.

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