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Once She Gets Enya, Ya Can't Get Her Out

8:55 PM. Monday night. Omar's house.

The doorbell rings. Omar answers it.

Omar: Hi. Can I help you?
Enya: Oh, hello. I was just in the neighborhood. May I come in?
Omar: Who are you?
Enya: I'm Irish New Age pop singer Enya. You know, "Orinco Flow," "Sail Away"?
Omar: [starts to slam door shut]
Enya: Wait! I wanted to watch Third Watch with you! I hear it's really good this week!
Omar: Wha--...Why? Who, with the how?
Enya: I'm a big fan of the show. I'd really like to watch it with you.
Omar: [long silence] Just don't touch me, okay? My cat will attack.
Enya: Deal.

Previously on Why Enya is in My House, I Have No Idea: Bobby's mom informed him that his old teenage flame, Gina, was looking for him. Turns out she needed Bobby to help her with Paulie, her brother and Bobby's best friend. Paulie's a junkie and he needed help. Paulie (Kirk Acevedo from Oz) ended up stealing from Bobby's mom to buy drugs.

The episode begins with the last five minutes from last week's episode. Recycle footage, much? ["Maybe the TW producers originally assembled this as a two-hour episode for sweeps, but NBC wouldn't bump anything to give them the extra hour and they had to pad this one out?" -- Wing Chun] You can check out the last recap for the blow-by-blow, but basically Bobby busts in on Paulie's junkie hole. He confronts him about the theft at his mom's house. Paulie denies it. Bobby grabs the drugs and throws them in the toilet. Paulie, clearly perturbed by the taking of his smack, shoots Bobby in the chest. With a gun. He pulls the gun on Kim before running away. Kim comes to Bobby, trying to revive him, but as her voice fades, it looks like Bobby is slipping away.

Enya: Ohh hoooo, Boooooobbbeeeee...
Omar: Okay, now, you're gonna have to shut it. Right now. Do you always carry a harp around with you?
Enya: I'll put it away.

The episode begins more properly with a blackout. We light up on Bobby, in his paramedic's uniform, calling out to the darkness. "Hello? Is anybody there?" Enya starts to answer, but I give her a dirty look first. We hear warped voices -- Doc and Kim, it sounds like -- reading off Bobby's stats. Bobby is suddenly standing in a boxing ring, lit in tones of sepia. He calls out that he needs to go and that they need him "up there." Is he in hell already? We tried to warn you about sleeping with Kim, Bobby. "I'm a paramedic!" he cries. Then, we get a close up of his face tilting and turning into red flashing lights. Oh, hello, Satan, my old friend.

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