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Once She Gets Enya, Ya Can't Get Her Out

We cut to an overhead view of Bobby, his chest looking like a blood pond, his eyes wide open, being wheeled on a stretcher through the hospital. Doc, Carlos, and Kim are pushing him in with a bunch of nurses. "Bobby, you stay with me," Kim says, upside down. Bobby is alive enough to look at her wearily and move his eyes around. Doc and Carlos look extremely shaken. Bobby is wheeled into an exam room (we get a recurring shot of a stretcher wheel, like it was a stray caster on a shopping cart) and is transferred from the stretcher. His chest is a hairy, bloody mess. Kim looks around like Little Kim Lost. A nurse exchanges a look with her. Doc exchanges a look with her. Kim has officially opened a Foreign Look Currency Exchange in the ER. Close-up on Bobby's face. He is starting to shake. His eyes are open, and as they say, the lights are on, but no one's home. Flashback to sad music and Young Bobby. Young Bobby is running up some stone stairs outside while Young Paulie is egging him on, calling him from the top. Bobby climbs and climbs, smiling. Back in the ER, Bobby is crashing. He grabs a doctor's hand and clings to it as everybody, including Kim, tells him to let the hand go. Bobby is clinging for dear life. Except the "dear" is the doctor and "life" includes sitting next to Kim every day. Perhaps it's best just to give up the ghost. "We got you, we got you, we got you," someone says as Bobby lets go. Carlos is suddenly shown turning around and leaving the room. Kim gets a close-up. She looks completely shattered. Doc watches Carlos leave and looks sad, running a sleeve past his nose. A chest tube is inserted into Bobby's chest. Doc comes over to Kim and leads her out. She walks away with him, dazed. She keeps looking back over her shoulder. One more close-up on Bobby's face. His eyes are closed. His body is convulsing.

Cut to opening credits. Enya sits back, wiping tears from her eyes. She's humming something, and this time I let her. Besides, it's time to go get a beer from the fridge.

Omar: Hey, uh, Enya, is it? Want something to drink?
Enya: Perhaps a chateau bordeax with some brie?
Omar: Budweiser it is.

Back from commercial, Kim is now watching through the glass. The doctor says there's major vessel damage and they'll have to take Bobby to the OR. The nurse says he's "Bradying down." Does that mean he's wearing bellbottoms and living with two brothers and three sisters? Wing, I've never recapped ER; what on Earth is she talking about? ["Pfft. Like I know. I usually gloss over all that medical junk." -- Wing Chun] Carlos is watching too, looking intense. Doc is watching, head cocked, looking like a zombie. "Mmmm, brains," he muses. As we get a shot of Bobby's face, oxygen gear on him, he suddenly flashes back to his childhood running-up-stairs days. We instantly flash back to the present as the doctor tries to shock him back to life. "Clear!" he announces. Kim closes her eyes and looks away. The doctor whips out the thoracotomy tray. Kim flatly says that they're going to open his chest. "Come on, you don't wanna see this," Zombie Doc tells her. Kim doesn't budge. The doctor is doing chest compressions on Bobby and orders the rib spreader. Damn, damn, damn. Enya looks away, humming something reassuring to herself under her breath. The doctor pulls out a wicked tube and shoves it into a huge, flat, gaping hole in Bobby's side. It's like it's a pita and the doctor is trying to stuff it with feta cheese and grilled chicken. We pull back for a wide angle of the entire room. A doctor gets up and straddles Bobby on the table (wait a minute, that's no doctor! Hee hee) as the gang watches. Bobby is carted out of there as Kim, Doc, and Carlos stand, stunned. What follows is a truly magnificent shot of the cleared-out exam room. Blood on the floor. Shoes, scrubs. A woman comes in with a mop and starts cleaning it out. Kim, Carlos, and Zombie Doc watch as the woman runs a mop across a blood puddle.

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