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Once She Gets Enya, Ya Can't Get Her Out

We pan across an operating room that looks to be surrounded by total darkness. Okay, am I the only one who can see some bad in that? Hey, Ed Bernero wrote this episode! What's up, Ed? We pan over Bobby and around to above his head. Two huge tubes that look like they're from The Matrix are putting airy goodness into his mouth. We go into The Mind of Bobby. Young Bobby and Young Paulie are playing around in autumn. Young Paulie shoves Young Bobby and then runs off laughing.

We cut to nighttime as Adult Paulie is running. He is breathing hard, clearly struggling. He pulls the gun he shot Bobby with out of his pocket. He reaches the edge of a rocky embankment and pitches the gun into the water. Then he runs back with the New York skyline in the background.

Cut to a shot of the skanky, bloody bathroom where Bobby was shot. Sully and Ty are on the scene, along with a lady investigator with whom I'm not familiar. Sully says he didn't know Bobby well. Ty says he once puked in Bobby's car. Sully tells the investigator that the guy who shot Bobby is probably looking to score some drugs. Wait, I thought Paulie grabbed the drugs out of the toilet (they were sealed) and made off with them. Why would he need more right now? Sigh...Continuity, thy name ain't Third Watch. Suddenly, Gina appears, struggling with some cops standing guard. She tells them it's her brother's apartment and tries to get through. "What'd he do now?" she asks. She sees the blood and calls after him. Gina tells everybody that her brother wouldn't hurt anyone. Sully gives her the news about how he shot a paramedic. "Bobby?" she asks. Sully is curious about how she knows Bobby. Gina tells Sully that she was just bringing some food over because her brother's sick. "No, he's a junkie," Sully says roughly. Gina gets more explanation and tells them that it's her fault. She starts crying.

At the hospital, Bobby's mom is rushing in. She asks for her son, "Roberto." She's told he's upstairs, fourth floor. She rushes over to the elevators.

Flash to Bobby sitting in one corner of a boxing ring. Another man is at the opposite end. The man tells Bobby he looks good. "Go to hell," Bobby tells him. Aren't they already there? The man says Bobby looks like his mother. "Don't talk about her," Bobby warns the man. The man says that Bobby's mother was a beautiful woman. "Is a beautiful woman." Then Bobby warns the man -- a middle-aged-looking black man -- not to talk about his mother.

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