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Once She Gets Enya, Ya Can't Get Her Out

At the station, Alex is staring at the phone. She picks it up and puts it back down. "Who's that?" Jimmy asks. Alex says she's just making sure it's working. Lame. Alex is putting up that tough-girl front again with Jimmy. It's annoying as all-get-out. Jimmy suggests maybe she should ask if she can leave and go to the hospital. "I'm fine," she says, answering she'd just go crazy there, too. "Come on, Bobby," she says to the phone.

In the boxing ring, Bobby asks if Papa Was a Rolling Stone is there to apologize. "I'm not sorry," Papa says. "I had to be happy. I had to live." Bobby accuses him of abandoning them. "I just wanted a life of my own," Papa says. How dumb is that? Papa asks whether Bobby ever fought after that day. Flash to Young Bobby training with Papa.

Cut to Bosco and Yokas arriving at "Dollar Bill"'s house. It's the neighborhood where Paulie was looking for drugs earlier. "Get away from my door!" yells the guy inside. Yokas says they heard he had a visitor. "I'm gonna kill that little son of a bitch," Dollar Bill laughs. He says that Paulie is looking for the Greeks. Bosco gives the guy bad news: Narcotics plans to sweep his place in the morning. The guy says he keeps no drugs at home. But still. It sucks.

The next thing we see is Paulie approaching a bunch of druggies who look like extras from a Heart video. He asks everybody for drugs, and they shun him, like Heart would shun all those extras. They walk away and he gets nothing. Except maybe a worthless autograph from one of the Wilson sisters. He shuffles off.

Hospital. Kim is standing around when Gina bursts out of the elevator asking if Bobby's all right. "The hell are you doing here?" Kim asks her. "You don't belong here." Gina asks again about Bobby. Kim gives her a long look, gives another look to Ty and Sully, who are standing nearby, and walks off. Kim is in Silent But Deadly mode.

Doc and Carlos are giving blood. Doc says the boss said they can stay as long as they want to. Carlos says he needs to go get coffee. Huh?

In the hallway, a huge ass is skirting the top of the screen. Turns out it's Sully, approaching Kim, who is sitting alone. Sully sits next to her. It's Kim's big acting scene, but she doesn't say much. Sully says that Bobby always seemed like a nice guy who always helped people. Kim agrees. "He's a nice guy," she says, as if scorning him. "If he dies on that table, what did being a nice guy get him?" Probably a better show. D'oh, did I say that out loud? Kim walks away, probably to bitch at her agent for not ensuring she'd get more juicy scenes in this episode.

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