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Once She Gets Enya, Ya Can't Get Her Out

Young Bobby's boxing match. Sad, tinkly music plays. Bobby's dad is there and Bobby gets the snuff beat out of him. "Can't let him beat you," Dad's voice keeps saying. Bobby, of course, hits the mat like a sack of wet Bobby. His mouthpiece flies out. Dad puts his head down. We hear the sound of Adult Bobby flatlining.

Bobby on the operating table. His heart is exposed. We pan to the heart monitor. Flat. Commercials approaching.

Enya: Oooohhhh....Oooh, Caaaaaffeeeeeeey.
Omar: We're not sure he's dead yet.
Enya: Oh. Sorry.

Yokas at a public phone. She hangs up and tells Bosco that there's still no word. "It's gonna be morning soon," she says. "Let's go," Bosco says. "Where?" Yokas asks. "It's New York," Bosco says. "There's always another spot."

Doc approaches Carlos in the hospital kitchen. Doc says he looked for Carlos at the coffee machines. "You need money for those." Doc puts money in the hospital collection tin. Cheap-ass Carlos. "I was gonna do that," Carlos says, "I meant change." Yeah, change this, ya cheap ass. "Any word?" he asks. "It'll be a while," Doc says, "he's strong." "He's got a hole in his heart," Carlos says, flatly. "Remember when Jerry got shot?" Carlos asks. Hey, how about remember when Doc got shot? Like, just a few short weeks ago? And there was no recovery period? Hey, Ed Bernero. Do you remember that? Because we all do, and this totally bites. Doc shouldn't even be able to stand. Carlos talks about how everybody pulled together as a family when Jerry got shot, but I've tuned it out because I'm just appalled at how quickly everybody forgot Doc getting shot. Even, it seems, Doc himself. So, blah blah blah, Carlos lonely tragi-cakes. Carlos feels envious that he's not part of the "family" after a year. Hasn't he been around longer than a year? Oh, I forgot. We're in a No-Logic Zone.

Paulie in daylight is still trying to score heroin. People are still avoiding him. One guy tells him, "You hands-off, baby. Cops been hasslin' us all night." He advises Paulie to turn himself in. "Bounce, baby, bounce," the guy tells him when Paulie persists. Just as he walks off, the drug dealer flags down Yokas and Bosco in their squad car and points Paulie out. Chase begins.

At the hospital, Sully and Ty are questioning Gina. She says that Paulie might be in Franklin Park because he used to run there when he was a kid. Nobody laughs at this idea at all. (Except me.) On the radio, they hear about the pursuit. Gina stops Sully to tell him not to hurt Paulie. "He's sick," she says sadly. This time, Sully doesn't yell at her. Kim gives her a dirty look. "I'm so sorry," Gina moans. She tells Kim how sweet Paulie was and how he protected his family. "I love Bobby. I've always loved Bobby," Gina says, as she starts to cry some more. Kim says nothing.

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