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Once She Gets Enya, Ya Can't Get Her Out

Hot pursuit. Sully and Ty get the word from Bosco and Yokas. They give chase, too, toward the park.

In the chapel, Kim joins Bobby's mom, who is praying. Still no word on Bobby. A nurse comes in and says the doctor is ready to see them.

Flash to Young Bobby on the mat. Adult Bobby tries to explain why he lost the bout. "You tried the best you could," Papa tells him. "So why did you leave?" Bobby asks. The next morning, apparently, his dad left. Papa backpedals and says it had nothing to do with him. "Nobody knew," Bobby says, "except Paulie."

Paulie the Fugitive is being chased now, but he doesn't know it. He's in an alley and Bosco and Yokas' squad car closes in.

Outside shot of Carlos. Doc approaches. Carlos knows it's selfish to be thinking of himself, but damn! He's Carlos! It would be like a fish breathing air not to be. Doc says that the doctor is going to deliver some news and the mother wants them there. "Us?" Carlos asks. "His family," Doc tells him.

Dramatic chase sequence. Paulie is running up stairs, calling Bobby's name. He's holding his stomach in pain. Bosco chases in slow motion. (Hey, Bosco's growing his hair out.) Paulie sees the spirit of Young Bobby at the top of the cement stairs. He calls out to Bobby again as he's tackled by Bosco. "I'm sorry!" he wails, as spittle runs out of his mouth. "A little late for that," Bosco mutters as he cuffs the junkie. "Cuffs the junkie," by the way, should be a euphemism for something. "Bobby! Bobby!" Paulie cries out, struggling on the ground. Man, Kirk Acevedo is da bomb. He totally nails this scene.

In the boxing ring, Adult Bobby is crying. "I'm sorry I lost," he says. Papa Was a Rolling Stone puts a hand on his shoulder. Papa says he carried a picture of Bobby wherever he went. He says that Bobby was the only good thing he ever did. "I missed you so much," says Bobby. "It wasn't you," Papa tells him. "You hear me? It wasn't you." They're both on the verge of tears. I'd be on the verge of tears, but I'm not giving Enya the satisfaction. They hug.

Flash to the hallway where Mama is going to get the news. The doctor approaches in slow motion, his sneakers slamming on the floor. He says something, but we don't hear any dialogue. This is the second brilliant sequence in the episode (the first being the empty exam room scene). Strangely, the closed captioning reveals the silent dialogue, which is the doctor telling Bobby's mom that Bobby's heart arrested several times and his brain was without oxygen for ten minutes. He's on life support, but it's doing no good. She asks how long he has to stay on that until he wakes up. She asks again when he's going to wake up. Kim takes her aside to explain what's going on. Bobby's mother breaks down, falls on the floor, and wails silently. Carlos approaches the doctor and makes some hand gestures, looking angry. The doctor walks off, apparently disgusted with Carlos. Kim comforts Mama. We pull back slowly, inexorably down the hall from the scene. It's a beautiful, sad shot.

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