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Once She Gets Enya, Ya Can't Get Her Out

Commercials. I don't know how it happened, but Enya and I are on the futon, hugging and crying softly on each other's shoulders. "En," I whisper, "don't worry. We're gonna get through this." "Aye," she answers. Brave girl, that one.

Boxing ring. Bobby and Papa are standing in a corner, chatting. Bobby complains that he didn't get to do all the things he wanted to do. Papa says he helped people and saved lives. "I don't have kids," Bobby says. Oh, it's all about you, isn't it, Death Boy? Papa says that Bobby already raised a family -- his family. Negligent bastard. Bobby asks if they'll be okay. Papa says that with Bobby as their father (cough, cough), why wouldn't they? "You'll be with me?" Bobby asks. Papa asks if that's what Bobby wants. "I'd like that very much," he answers. Scene whites out.

Bobby is in bed, dead. A priest is over him giving Last Rites. Kim is outside the door in profile, looking like Zombie Doc. Jimmy suddenly appears, mentally calculating how he can turn this into a situation where he gets laid. "Kim?" he asks. She doesn't answer. He says he'll take Joey and have a talk with him. "I'm sorry, Kim," he says. "Me too," she says, quietly, never looking at him.

Ambulance. Carlos is scrubbing the bloody floor. He says it's dry and they should have cleaned it before it dried out, making it hard to clean. "Carlos," Doc begins, clearly sensing the psychosis here. Carlos scrubs. "We got him here -- that's the most important thing, right?" Doc offers coffee, but Carlos has had too much. Carlos says he was right earlier: Not many people make it when their chests are cracked open. Doc tries to draw him out. Carlos keeps scrubbing, and mentions his ability for determining when people won't survive. "It's not gonna come up," he says finally. Doc stops him: "Carlos. We'll clean it up later." Carlos snaps out of his little macabre fugue and says, "Uh? Oh. Okay. Okay." Out, out damn spot, and all that. Get thee to a mental ward, Carlos. Doc looks pretty concerned. You know, Carlos finally shows a human side. Who knew?

At the police station, Paulie is being taken in for shooting his best friend. I think you lose the "Best" designation once they die from a wound you inflicted. Spitting up, Paulie asks if Bobby is okay. "No, he's not," Bosco answers as he closes the cell.

Outside the hospital, Kim puts Mama Caffey in a car. She tells the woman that she'll take care of things there. Mama thanks Kim. They do a window hand-connect before she is driven off. Kim starts walking back toward the hospital. She's stopped by her mother, who just drove up. Kim, rodent mouth hanging open, stands a few feet from her, looking side to side, very dazed. "Bobby's gone, Mom," she finally says. Here the floodgates begin. Kim starts to cry, going to her mom and hugging hard. Kim wails. I mean, really, really wails. Big, ugly, choking sobs. Not pretty, ladylike cries. These are Sue From Survivor ugly. Kim moans. She sobs. She breaks down on the street.

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