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Once She Gets Enya, Ya Can't Get Her Out

Enya:This is from my new album. It's called "Only Time."
Omar: Huh? Hey! What are you doing?
Enya: "Who can say where the road goes / where the day flows / only time"
Omar: No! Foul temptress! I trusted you! I let you in my house! And this is how you repay me? Evil, evil woman! I curse thee! I cast hell, Enya! You suck!
Enya: "And who can say if your love grows / as your heart chose / only time."
Omar: Oh dear lord. Kill me. Kill her. Kill something. I can't do this. Shut her Gaelic trap!, I guess you could call it, plays over a montage of the cast members. Alex, Jimmy, Carlos, Doc, everybody, caught very still as each of them looks pensive. Doc is caught in the ambulance rear-view mirror. To say the song is schmaltzy in this context is to give the word "schmaltz" an unfair black eye from an abusive husband. Gina is shown in the hospital crying. Yokas, Sully, Bosco, and Ty are changing in the locker room. Ty and Sully exchange a look as Sully gets dressed to leave. Bosco and Yokas exchange a sad, meaningful, long look.

Kim lights a candle. She doesn't look sad or shocked anymore. She is serene because she's doing what she does best: playing with fire. As the Enya "song" (complete with chorus) continues, Kim carries the candle through the hospital, which I'm pretty sure with all the oxygen around is a big no-no. A weird clipping camera effect (or perhaps my nausea is causing it) follows her down the hall. Kim goes outside. She blows out the candle and watches the smoke rise into the sky. The camera cranes up, signifying Bobby's spirit, I guess. The camera continues to pan up as people walk by Kim on the street. I'm wondering if they're going to pull out to a view of the entire Earth and then show some goofy Third Rock From the Sun animation. The camera whites out (or rather, burns out) on the scene.

With the song still playing (Enya, SHUT. UP!) Young Bobby is shown carrying his boxing gear, walking down the street, hand-in-hand with his wayward dad. The stroboscopic camera effect is still in, um, effect, I guess. The walk, walk, walk. The song crescendos. We fade to white.

Enya: Aye. That was a good one. Poor Bobby.
Omar: Get. Your Gaelic ass. Out of my house.
Enya: But I was only --
Omar: NOW! And take your harp with you! And your backup singers!
Backup singers: Awwww...

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