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Turning to Lorraine Bracco, Bot prompts her to express her thoughts on the pairings. "Tiffani, I was unhappy that you paired the Amarone with --" "With the bass," Tiffani INTERRUPTS! "With the bass," Lorraine finishes. "If it didn't work then we took a risk, but in ten courses, if we failed once, I'm sorry," Tiffani blasés. Bitch? You didn't fail just once, so shut your big small mouth. Colicchio wants to know what her favorite dish was. "I'm really proud of what I put forward today," Tiffani says, "I don't know if I have a favorite. I think the panna cotta [STOP accenting it! You aren't on NPR!] with the passion fruit was just a firecracker." Bot says everyone loved it. "I gave Dave, you know, directive of exactly what I wanted and he came through with it," Tiffani says serenely. Bitch is GOING DOWN. Colicchio looks slightly ill as he says, "I gotta tell you, Dave told us that that was a dish that he worked on prior to the competition, knowing that he may have to do dessert. He took full credit for that." Tiffani tries to recover and even talks over the last part of Colicchio's sentence as she says, "He and I talked about it very -- at length, Dave and I talked about it. And he brought something to it and I brought something different to it." Colicchio is clearly not convinced. "I couldn't be more blessed with the people that I ended up with today," Tiffani blathers on. "Like, I really enjoyed them as people, and as cooks. Stephen was a tremendous asset to me, so was Dave." This is the good part. "I mean, that's... admirable," Colicchio begins, "but both of them thought that, after working with you, that Harold should win this." Tiffani takes this in, the smug wiped clear off her big face. "I don't know what to say to that," she says, shaking her head, "it's heartbreaking, in a lot ways, that they thought that." Bot asks Tiffani why she should be Top Chef. "I consistently take risks," Tiffani says. You lost. "And sometimes to my detriment." You lost. "And sometimes it works out." You lost. "And if every great chef played it safe all the time, I don't know, I think it would be to everyone's detriment." You lost.

Same question for Harold. "I think throughout this competition, consistently my food's been really good, and I think it was again today. Also being a chef is -- you need to have people who want to be by your side and go to bat with you and work in the kitchen with you because you can't do it all by yourself," Harold says. Throughout this show, Harold has been the definition of honor and niceness (well, except for that "magic lasagna" unfortunateness), but I am so glad to see him finally score a point off another chef. Because this is a competition, and while you don't have to be a lying snake bitch like Tiffani, you do have to protect your interests and point out why you are better than another competitor. Tiffani and Harold are excused.

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