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Vegas Finale, Part II

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Harold and Tiffani are brought back in. Colicchio rather pointlessly reminds them that only one of them can win. Really, Colicchio? REALLY?! Since this is the last episode, I'm going to give a full transcript of what Colicchio says to each finalist. To Tiffani, he says, "Tiffani, you went for ten dishes, and some of those dishes really sang and some of them were a little challenging. We admired that, and throughout the competition, we have seen you grow and we all love to see that passion that you put into your [cue Tiffani's smug, self-satisfied smile] food, you know, but you've sort of let your drive and ambition get in the way of relationships and it seems like it's something you're working on and you need to work it out." Turning to Harold, Colicchio says, "Harold, you took the safe route here, we all think. But your food was consistently good and sometimes really extraordinary. You had a strong team, a team that really supported you and it counts for something but when all's said and done, this is not a popularity contest." Tiffani gets that thoughtful look back on her face as she nods smugly and attentively. Just wait. Bot goes on about how difficult the decision was to make: "Only one of you can be Top Chef." Long pause. Finally, Bot tells Harold he is the new Top Chef. Hells YEAH! "Oh my god, thank you, thank you so much," Harold says. Tiffani closes her eyes over her quickly disappearing mouth. Harold and Tiffani embrace. Yuck. Harold tells us how great it feels, and tells Bot he's ready for a cocktail. Bot turns to Tiffani: "So, Tiffani? I have to say it, please pack your knives and go." Tiffani turns around, hands in the air and says, "I'm gone. Thanks, guys. Harold, my heart." What, did his knife make it into your heart as well? Are you now going to blame him for winning? Harold says he'll talk to her. In a final interview, Tiffani cries about how she's struggled her whole life, so the idea of having money to travel and pay off her debts was pretty tempting. She exits the frame.

Judges' table. Miguel, Dave, Stephen, and Lee Anne are brought back in to congratulate Harold. They cheer and hug and cry (Dave). Harold's thrilled about everything, and says his restaurant will be opening in fall of 2006.

Next time: NEW SEASON!

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